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Sandy-Lee Edwards
Sandy-Lee Edwards

hope where there was none

As most countries begin gearing up to move out of their lock downs, the Product team found some inspiration, laughs, and learning curves that we'd love to share with you.  We hope it leaves you inspired for the week ahead!

Adam Ship

Love the design and art direction of this: Design and art direction for Killing Eve

Sandy-Lee Edwards

I came across this post while browsing LinkedIn the other day, and being from South Africa, just swelled with pride at the amazing inventions coming out here!

Kamila Mielczarek

This! I know it's been shared in various forms before, but it's been a great reminder for me. The creative process (and not just creative) timeline! Starting a task often feels great; then we discover any complexities and it can feel a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, the majority of the journey the task feels insurmountable. Yet the most important part of any process is working through that (less pleasant) bit. Great things take time; we need to embrace the unfinished product. Once it is finished, it's usually awesome and well worth the effort & persistence.

Michael Chart

Gordon Ramsay taught me how to perfectly poach an egg this week!  What a great skill to have!

Jamie Heuze

I found this great bit of treasure!

Tristan White

My inspiration this week has been this.  Looking at new wood working projects using free pallets.

And that’s it for this week.  We hope you’re finding inspiration all around you.  Feel free to share with us anything you may think will inspire us too!

Hero image by Faris Mohammed

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