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Working for yourself is no longer working

It's time to redefine self-employment

Introducing Big Radical

Powered by Etch Group, Big Radical is a new radical operating system for the self-employed. A worldwide collective of the industries best talent. And we're on a mission to redefine the future of self-employment, enabling you to deliver the best work of your career
A powerful partnership for future-thinking contractors and freelancers looking for the next level, Big Radical is built on the principle of collective intelligence. We believe that, together, we will go further, faster. 
It's time to rewrite the rules. Together. It's time to think Big Radical

The benefits of Big Radical

Keep the parts of self-employment you love, solve the bits you hate, and gain the elements you're missing.

Keep being your own boss

Keep the autonomy and flexibility of running your own company, whilst giving up the pain of dealing with all the business admin that comes with it.

Regain your purpose

Avoid boredom and isolation. Join a team with a common vision and purpose; to do the best work of your career, among a team of A-players.

Be part of an ecosystem

Gain access to global brands, and high performing digital and business talent from around the world. Be part of an A-team.

Be part of our collective growth

Grow personally and professionally, with access to Etch's sales & marketing machine, and Etch's training and mentorship programme.

Gain business support services

A legal partnership that is IR35 compliant and access to a highly experienced commercial team, including accounting, insurances, legal and HR.

Access to benefits and perks

Access to discounted benefits via affiliates and access to a clubworking space in Southampton and London.

The Big Radical Guide

Are you looking to learn more about Big Radical? The concept of self-employment is changing - it's going to get a lot harder for contractors and freelancers. That's why we're supporting world-class on-demand talent with a new radical operating system that leverages the power of community, talent, and technology to drive collective growth. Learn more about the future of self-employment and our radical new operating system for the self-employed with our FREE guide to Big Radical.


Who is Big Radical for?

Big Radical isn't for everyone. This is a legal partnership, not a networking club.

It's only for a select few. All applications will be considered, but the partnership is by invitation only.

Only enquire if you are...

A highly skilled expert

We're looking for experts in their field: strategists, innovators, engineers, performance marketers, creatives and many more.

A seasoned contractor

We're looking for people who have been self-employed for at least 6 months and are serious about sticking with it.

Ambitious for growth

We're looking for experts ambitious for collective growth who are still motivated to deliver their best work.

A collaborator

We're looking for team players that share our values, those willing to collaborate and put their needs aside for the greater good. When we collaborate, we will achieve our best work.

A self-starter

We're looking for highly motivated thinkers and doers, that make things happen. Go-getters with an entrepreneurial spirit ready to contribute to the greater good.

Your own boss

We're looking for self-employed people who love everything about being their own boss but hates the faff and admin that comes with it.

Who are Etch?

Etch are a forward-thinking digital consulting firm, transforming businesses to become more profitable and sustainable.
Our blend of radical management is ideally suited to the world we live in today. 
With over 5,000 ecosystem partners of strategists, innovators, engineers, performance marketers and creatives, Etch believe in collective intelligence to get companies, people and teams further, faster. 

Why are Etch doing this?

The world is constantly changing, and the concept of self-employment is changing too. And it's going to get a lot harder for contractors and freelancers.
We're supporting world-class on-demand talent with a new radical operating system that leverages the power of community, talent, and technology to drive collective growth.
We believe that we are better together, that together we will thrive.