Young Digital Makers meet at Etch HQ

27 Jul 201653 seconds read

Etch regularly hosts Young Digital Makers meet-ups, events designed for kids and teens who are interested in learning to code and all things digital.

The group helps young people learn to code using Scratch, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and many more. It encourages families to work together on projects or collaborate with others to make something epic.

Earlier this month Young Digital Makers met at the Etch HQ and play tested a LEGO coding game, designed by Tech Age Kids. There were many new comers to the group who, along with the regulars, created their own projects using Scratch, BBC Microbit, SAM Labs, mBot and website design.

The highlight of the afternoon, as always, was ‘show and tell’, where the kids shared their projects with other young coders.

The next Young Digital Makers event takes place on Saturday 10 September, 2pm – 5pm, at Etch HQ.

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