White paper: How can premium hotel brands survive COVID-19?

Harriet Nicholson
Harriet Nicholson
Head of Strategy 20 Mar 20201 minute read

Harri Nicholson, Head of Strategy, explores how premium hospitality brands can learn from past disasters and capitalise on emerging consumer behaviours to protect reputation, enhance revenue and build brand equity.

There’s little question that COVID-19 represents a significant threat to the UK’s hospitality sector. Even prior to Boris Johnson’s social distancing measures, UKHospitality already reported that hotel occupancy had fallen by 15%. The latest figures from Tenzo suggest that sales at UK restaurants, cafés and pubs are down 69% YoY. With the government’s ‘social distancing’ plans in place and more stringent lockdown measures still on the cards, we can only expect the situation to worsen in the immediate term.

While these are undoubtedly challenging times, there are proactive and smart steps that hospitality brands can take now to manage reputation in the immediate term, enhance revenue in the mid-term and maintain brand equity in the longer term. In this whitepaper, we take a look at:

While this is undoubtedly a deeply troubling period for hospitality brands, we would urge those affected to take this time to brand-build, innovate, experiment and plan for a post-crisis future.

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