What inspired the Product team this week? (22/05/2020)

Sandy-Lee Edwards
Sandy-Lee Edwards
Developer 22 May 20201 minute read

A weekly round up of what has inspired the Product team this week.

Feel inspired

Another week, another opportunity to be inspired!  Each week the Product team come together to share what has inspired them, be it a thought, something on the internet, or just someone.  We hope this helps to inspire you too!

Adam Ship

This is my website of the week.  I love it!  

Sandy-Lee Edwards

Love the idea behind this app, because we all need to remember that sharing kindness and love will go a long way.

Marte Vik Eriksen

“OH no Type Co is currently doing a mini type design school under the hashtag #ohnotypeschool on Instagram. Tackling one letter a day, they’re deconstructing the mysteries of letterforms — all in a bite-sized Instagram carousel.”

Michael Chart

Tristan's(Our Senior Delivery Manager) DIY projects have inspired me. He has the ability to create some great stuff out of discarded scraps, like his firepit made from a washing machine drum! Amazing

And that’s it for this week.  We hope you’re finding inspiration all around you.  Feel free to share with us anything you may think will inspire us too!

Hero image by Britt Gaiser