What inspired the Product team this week? (15/05/2020)

Sandy-Lee Edwards
Sandy-Lee Edwards
Developer 15 May 20201 minute read

A weekly round up of what has inspired the Product team this week.

Working from home

As we go through another week of extreme social distancing and not being able to be together, we’ve decided we’d like to start sharing what has inspired us this week, be it something we’ve read about or just a thought that has got us through the week.  We hope these inspirations will inspire you too!

Adam Ship

This is awesome!  It won't be long till we're copying and pasting objects like this!  

Kamila Mielczarek

If Mark Watney in the movie The Martian could survive on the Mars by himself for about 550 sols then so can we survive this weird time of isolation. 

Sandy-Lee Edwards

Being a gamer and software developer, I’m following all the anouncements for the next-gen consoles coming out soon.  I can honestly say, this one blew me away with the incredible graphics on display: 

It was recorded on the new Playstation 5 and created by Epic Games using the new Unreal Engine 5. 

Nathan Hornby

I was inspired on Wednesday working with Marte - exploring some really interesting approaches in how to represent trust and multi-dimensional relationships. Solving problems inspires me.

Marte Vik Eriksen

This talk by James Edmondson doesn’t just encourage you to change out of your typographic sweatpants — it also stresses the importance of visual diversity.

Jamie Heuze

I’ve started reading Key Person of Influence and its blown my mind.

And that’s it for this week.  We hope you’re finding inspiration all around you.  Feel free to share with us anything you may think will inspire us too!

Hero image by Kristopher Roller