What if we could get charities to talk to each other better?

6 Apr 20152 minutes read

Here’s why collective co-working matters.

As the coffee was brewing, our friends from Christian Aid, The Royal British Legion, Mind, CAFOD and many others arrived for some collective co-working action, and Naughty Jelly 2 was a go.

For those of you who don’t already know, our aim with Naughty Jelly is to create a co-working group in London, made up of mainly campaigners & digital folk, who escape the work office for the day and work from another office.

It’s a safe space, if you like: a community where we transfer knowledge and share ideas, helping us realise that we’re all trying to do the same thing — namely making this planet a better place.

By lunchtime we’d found ourselves discussing digital engagement strategies, how to treat a tea bag properly, and lots more un-tweetable stuff. We then headed out to Lower Marsh for some kickass street food.

This jelly was *particularly* fruity.

The beauty of Naughty Jelly is that you come and do your day’s work with us. You can take your usual calls, tweet, do the endless work emails or do some disruptive thinking with the person next to you; it’s all okay.

At the end of the afternoon, contact details get shared, the table gets cleaned and our wonderful hosts get thanked; then it’s time to head home.

We’d love to see you at our next Naughty Jelly. We’re heading to The Royal British Legion in September. We guarantee wifi, a big clean desk and lots of great conversations.

Follow @iamnaughtyjelly to grab yourself a ticket when the next batch become available.