We found out what people actually want at Christmas

5 Jan 20162 minutes read

And it’s not Gold, Frankincense or Myrrh

Happy new year readers! I hope you all had a great time off, all at Etch had a good break and are ready to get stuck into 2016, with a vengeance.

Just before we left for the Christmas break, we wanted to find out what exactly made Christmas so great. We set about creating a festive website that we sent to our clients and followers. Then asked them to finish the sentence “I think the 3 best things about Christmas are…”

Our Christmas query

It sparked lively debates in the studio as people saw what others said made their Christmas great. It was amusing to hear people’s justifications of why they added things like ‘Die Hard’ to the pile of snowballs

So, after three weeks of gathering responses from clients, friends and colleagues; what came out as the top 3 best things about Christmas?

  1. Family— This was by far the runaway winner. Can you think of another point of the year that brings more members of your family together?
  2. Presents— Because we all love getting that annual batch of socks to set you up for the coming year
  3. Jesus— No surprises here, it’s Christianity that mainly celebrate this holiday. But, as it brings so many together, it is celebrated by so many others on this blue marble.

A few honourable mentions; Mince Pies, Drinking, Pigs in blankets and Hot dogs (?!). Check out all of the results.

We’ve had some great positive feedback from clients and followers alike about this Christmas site. But, there’s always a Christmas story, a lesson to be learnt. Among the feedback we received, we found that this little project we did for fun, inspired those we shared it with. It sparked the creative side of their mind. Wondering what other crazy things that they themselves could do along those lines. They began to ask that wonderful question;

To us as creatives, that’s invaluable.

Anyway, that’s enough about the festive period, a lot is happening at Etch and we look forward to sharing more with you through the year.

One of our new years resolutions (that we intend to keep) is to write more. Be sure to check back to find out what’s going on here at the Etch studio!