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Adam Burt
Adam Burt
Senior Developer 25 May 20153 minutes read

On 27 May, resident Etch loud-mouth Adam was invited to give a talk at the Tec Hub in Eastleigh. Here's some of what he got up to.

Battling traffic and still in the throes of a recent illness, I made my way to the Tec Hub to give a presentation — I’d been to the venue before but this was my first time speaking there, and thankfully it didn’t disappoint.

The evening was about The Internet of Things, and I had planned my talk to attempt to be inspiring — To talk about the future and also to encourage people to start stepping towards it themselves, with things to look forward to or even start experimenting with right now.

I also wanted to convey that we truly are on the brink of a worldwide revolution — Combined, the power of smart devices and augmenting (Or in some cases, even replacing) our reality around us has the potential to be the biggest game-changer since the internet. I firmly believe that the path in front of us shouldn’t just be walked by the huge corporations but that all of us have a choice in how much we wanted to participate and crucially, how much we contribute to it.

Taking a brisk tour through the cluttered Kickstarter landscape of smart-everything (Socks, cushions, jars, toothbrushes), as well as highlighting some cool developments in transportation/body modification, I gave some time to discussing the major hurdles and roadblocks in the way of progress as well as how they might be overcome. I effused about how it won’t just be our physical spaces which change, but also our lives, our hobbies, our routines and even our interpersonal relationships.

I demonstrated some of the low level technology that you can get involved in right now — Both for non-programmer types and for the developers keen to create something of their own. Ultimately, I wanted to convince people to try things for themselves — Express their innate creativity, bring their desires to life and to improve their self by tinkering with the world around them as it continues to lurch forward.

Hopefully that came across!

Here are the slides & here’s a 2 and a half hour video of a lamp in my flat which is controlled by Twitter:

There were also two other talks at the evening — Tom showed us some art installations and interesting ways of converting data into visual physical creations, and Nick from Winchester Innovation gave an interesting look at the Bluetooth Low Energy landscape, demonstrating that ranging devices for finding your keys aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and sharing some interesting tools (Like LightBlue for iOS) for working with beacons.

All in all it was a successful evening, I thought! Thanks to the Tec Hub and Peter Davison for organising. Hopefully there’ll be more to come!