The IMDb Club Awards 2018

Adam Burt
Adam Burt
Senior Developer 24 Jan 201810 minutes read

Yesterday, the Academy Awards (known colloquially as the Oscars) announced their nominees, and award season is already in full swing, so, what better way to look back on our first year of progress than by having our very own awards?

Hello there!

Last year, Etch staff with a fondness for film began a quest to watch all the films on the IMDb Top 250. The endeavour is called IMDb Club, and in their inaugural year, they watched over 60 of the (supposedly) best films of all time, at random.

Yesterday, the Academy Awards (known colloquially as the Oscars) announced their nominees, and award season is already in full swing, so, what better way to look back on our first year of progress than by having our very own awards?

We're live from the red pink carpet to bring you all the winners, as they happen. It doesn't look like any of the celebrities we invited turned up, but Meryl Streep sends her apologies.

Our categories were voted upon by our team of IMDb Club members unless specified otherwise, and ties were broken by the Commissioner herself, Caroline Hart. Our voting process probably makes more sense than the actual Oscars one, because we've actually seen all the films we're voting on...

Without further ado, let's get rolling!

Our first award is The Special Steve Hart Award For Easiest Film To Provide, voted for exclusively by Vice Commissioner Steve Hart. Steve provides (totally legal) copies of every film to the members of the club, so we wanted to give him a chance to recognise a film which was easy to get a hold of and distribute.

And the winner is... Gone Girl, which Steve already had a copy of, before it was selected at random. Congratulations Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck and David Fincher. You're everywhere.

Next up is Film you’re most likely to recommend to your parents - a chance to recognise a film which is good for your mum. Hyper gory revenge thrillers need not apply. Unless your mum's into that.

Despite strong competition, the winner is A Beautiful Mind, starring Russell Crowe as a man who's good at maths. Mums love maths. Confirmed.

Moving swiftly on, it's time for Most Surprisingly Good Film - IMDb Club has been full of surprises so far, but the film taking home the trophy is 3 Idiots, a charming dramady out of Bollywood about the lives of 3 goofball students and their journey from school into adulthood. It has serious moments, tender character work, slapstick, and even a tasty dance number (but more on that later...)

Every week, an IMDb Top 250 film is selected from our snapshot of the list at random. But rather than just telling us what we're watching, we add an extra layer of fun by allowing everyone a chance to guess the film based on a series of clues. It's become something of a running joke for Toy Story to be the first guess every week, which was particularly funny when that film actually was the right answer, so it's no surprise that it has won our Best IMDb Club Guess award this year.

We'll be back after this short commercial break.

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Welcome back! While IMDb Club members are free to watch the film of the week at their leisure, we also frequently run screenings for our members, or arrange group bookings at one of our local cinemas. In addition to watching the film on a big screen, we often make vaguely-themed food and drink beer. The Best Screening Award is dedicated to the most enjoyable screening of the year.

And the winner is... Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D (Showcase Cinemas). When T2 was re-released in 3D, we jumped at the chance to see one of the best sequels of all time, and we were duly rewarded. The film is one of the all time greats, and Showcase's luxury reclining chairs and bar were put to good use.

Time for some videos. Our next two categories are Best End Credits and Best Song From A Movie, and the winner of both categories belong to the same franchise.

That's right, it's another win for the unstoppable behemoth that is Toy Story, with Toy Story 3 winning Best End Credits, and "You've Got A Friend In Me" taking the prize for Best Song. Congratulations, Randy Newman.


Right, now it's time to recognise the categories we stole directly from various MTV Award ceremonies in the 90's.

First up, it's Best Scared-as-Shit Performance, the prize for whoever acted scared the best. And our winner is: That girl who gets eaten at the beginning of Jaws!

Best On-Screen Duo is usually awarded by MTV viewers for hot couples, but never ones to be bound by convention, our voting panel have given the award to Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in Se7en!

Along similar lines, MTV's Best Kiss is usually used to reward real chemistry on the screen, and the kind of steamy action that teenagers love in their blockbuster action flicks. Our winner is: That time Luke Skywalker kisses his sister in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!


The Best Dressed Award is given to the style icon of the year, and our panel has dutifully selected the character of Quint from Jaws as our new fashion idol.

Most Desirable Male and Most Desirable Female should be pretty self explanatory. Who do our panel most want to have an intimate and fulfilling relationship with? The winners are: Keith David (The Thing) and Grace Kelly (Rear Window)! Congratulations to them. They'd both get swiped right on Tinder.

It's time for another word from our sponsors, so we'll be back shortly.

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Aaaand we're back! It's time for the business end of the awards, the ones people really want to win (or would, if they knew they existed).

First, let's take a look at some of the highlights in some key categories.

Best Dance Sequence can only be one film: The surprisingly good 3 Idiots!

Best Cameo goes to Martin Scorcese, for showing up in Taxi Driver.

Best Comedic Performance, perhaps surprisingly, goes to Alan Tudyk's sassy robot KS2O from Rogue One, an animated voice performance.

One film takes home both our Best Fight and Best Jaw-Dropping Moment Awards... The powerful Oldboy, for the brutal Corridor Scene and the (SPOILER ALERT!) Incest Reveal at the end of the film respectively. Not one to watch with your dad.

Best Action Sequence was hotly contested, including three separate nominees from The Matrix, but the winner against all odds is the Rocket Car Chase from Toy Story!

Finally for this portion of the show, it's time to recognise the creme de la creme of scenes, the Best Scene. This was a tough category to judge, with entries from Blade Runner, Oldboy, Toy Story and more... But the winner is Hannibal Lecter's Escape in Silence of the Lambs!


That just leaves our two most prestigious prizes left to present.

Best Villain and Best Hero.

Heroes and villains are at the core of every good narrative. The right character, brought to life in the right way, can make or break your film. It can spawn a pop culture phenomenon, send chills down your spine or joy into your heart, terrify or inspire children, and make you really feel the film you're watching.

And the winner for Best Villain is... Hannibal Lecter. Anthony Hopkins won an Oscar for this despite only 16 minutes of screen time, and you can see why. He is phenomenal.

Which leaves us only with Best Hero.

And the winner is... Ellen Ripley, from Alien and Aliens. Played with deft courage by Sigourney Weaver, Ripley is a posterchild for strong female heroes and a fantastic character throughout both of the films on our list. We find ourselves rooting for her against the Xenomorphs every time, and are thrilled when her badassery and motherly instincts lead her to victory.

Well, that about wraps it up for this year. I'm going backstage (to the dark corner of the server room) for the aftershow party (sipping vodka from the bottle on my own). Make sure to follow the #IMDbclub hashtag on Twitter if you want to watch along at home in 2018!

List of Winners

Best Scene
Hannibal Lecter's escape from Silence of the Lambs

Best Hero
Ellen Ripley (Alien, Aliens)

Best Villain
Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)

Most Desirable Female
Grace Kelly (Rear Window)

Most Desirable Male
Keith David (The Thing)

Best Action Sequence
Rocket Chase (Toy Story)
(although The Matrix deserves some credit for having 3 separate nominees...)

Best Cameo
Scorsese (Taxi Driver)

Best Comedic Performance
K2SO (Rogue One)

Best Dressed
Quint (Jaws)

Best Fight
Corridor Scene (Oldboy)

Best Dance Sequence
“All Izz Well” (3 Idiots)

Best Jaw-Dropping Moment
Incest Reveal (Oldboy)

Best Kiss
Luke Skywalker and his sister (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)

Best On-Screen Duo
Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman (Se7en)

Best Scared-As-Shit Performance
The girl getting eaten at the beginning of Jaws (Jaws)

Best Song from a Movie
You've Got A Friend In Me (Toy Story)

Best End Credits
Toy Story 3

Best Screening
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D at Showcase

Best IMDb Club Guess
Toy Story

Most Surprisingly Good Film
3 Idiots

Film you’re most likely to recommend to your parents
A Beautiful Mind

The Special Steve Hart Award For Easiest Film To Provide
(Voted for exclusively by Steve)
Gone Girl