Team Etch ‘Become A Hero’ at Pubhack5

19 Sep 20161 minute read

Team Etch attended the fifth Pubhack event in Portsmouth last week and walked away victorious (excuse the pun).

The five-strong team descended on a packed Coastguard Studio to take part in the hackathon, with the brief ‘heroes and villains’. The hackathon is a 10-hour competitive day of code and creation, with attendees from independents and agencies competing for one of the coveted awards.

Fuelled by pastries, tortilla chips, coffee…and rum and coke, the team created the website, Become A Hero.

Become A Hero is all about becoming a hero in your local community. People can sign up to take on villains – such as rogue litter, unruly gardens or helping senior neighbours – and become a hero. In addition, people can report their own villainous issues and await the helping hand of a hero.

The website also includes a leader board so people can compete to be the most heroic person in the area.

After being subjected to many Bake Off-esque throughout the day by the three judges, and a presentation led by the very witty Adam, Etch walked away with ‘Pubhack Winner’.

Mike, Lead Developer, said: “We had a great day, although very stressful! We managed to get the end-to-end process finished with seconds to spare! The site was built in Angular with a .Net WebAPI backend. We were really proud to have won overall winner and we can’t wait for #puhback6.”