Podcast: Disrupting the world of work - How might we work better together

8 Apr 20202 minutes read

Our greatest moments happen going through our biggest challenges. Ross Chapman, head of Etch Sprints, explores the opportunities we can embrace now to make a difference in the future.

Humans are currently facing one of our biggest challenges of our time. But we are seeing examples of kindness, communities coming together and what really matters to us. We are all now designing new ways of working and living. As the world transitions we are faced with the big question:

Ross Chapman, head of Etch Sprints, shares why the opportunity is now for you to make a difference with Sabba Quidwai, Sprint To Success With Design Thinking podcast host. Ross believes that from leadership to collaboration to accountability and everything in between, through design we can emerge stronger in our organizations and use this time to grow.

In this podcast Ross discusses:

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