Perks of the job

13 Dec 20181 minute read

A closer look at the Etch benefits

Working at Etch is great for lots of reasons. One of the elements we're most proud of is our list of benefits - little perks which help encourage people to join, help people to thrive, and ensure people are happy at Etch. Did you know that according to the US chamber of commerce, 60% of the so-called "millennial workforce" ranked benefits as an key reason they'd stay in a job?

Here's our current list of Etch benefits for all permanent employees: 

[Last updated: May 2019]

Among our list, you'll find a number of perks that are among the most important to people (like medical insurance) but our main focus is on establishing a good life-work balance. Your health and wellbeing comes before the job.

We see benefits as a critical part of running a good business: they keep employees happy and healthy! We like to think that we're deeply invested in the future of our colleagues, so most of our perks are really easy ways we can demonstrate that support - and we're always on the hunt for more exciting perks and opportunities.