Etch Group hires Neal Archbold to lead Big Radical’s innovation and strategy division

10 Jan 20192 minutes read

Archbold will oversee the creation of new breakthrough product and service innovation.

First published in The Drum 15 January 2019 

Neal Archbold joins Big Radical

Neal Archbold has joined Big Radical, a part of the Etch Group.

Archbold joins from Nuddge, where he co-founds the SaaS-based health-tech company that provides businesses with an employee emotional wellbeing solution. He has previously worked for some of the largest UK and global brands including Aviva, O2, Telefonica, Ordnance Survey and Grant Thornton and within various SMEs and start-ups.

Archbold will be responsible for driving success and growth across clients. Overseeing the creation of new breakthrough product and service innovations, helping businesses find a way through the culture, systems and structures holding them back from solving their problems and realising their opportunities. Rather than theorise, he will help clients to learn, by doing, and show how best to breakthrough and deliver more value to people, business and society with simple, practical and meaningful outcomes.

Tom Frame, co-founder and managing director of Etch Group, said, "Neal joining us to head up innovation and business strategy at Big Radical is a very exciting move for us. He has exceptional experience in driving transformational strategies for companies including Ordnance Survey, and we are excited about the impact he is going to help us make for our clients. Neal’s experience and vision is totally aligned with where I want to take the group as we grow. The model we are creating should enable the independence and agility that clients need to drive change quickly, whilst harnessing true innovation by bringing together best breed of specialist agencies that are leading the way.

Archbold added, "In a world that is changing so rapidly, understanding the reasons why new ideas struggle to become a commercial reality is key to solving them. Having worked within corporate businesses and as an entrepreneur, I know how real this struggle can be! Unlocking ideas, removing barriers and introducing pace and product breakthrough is something I love to do.”

"Big Radical has all of the right ingredients to solve this; passionate and smart people, deep connectivity to the wider innovation ecosystem and great relationships with clients. I can’t wait to help to pull these assets together to deliver a sustainable advantage for our clients in a meaningful and commercially valuable experience.”

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