My Etch story so far...

Myles Broomes
Myles Broomes
Developer 4 Apr 20183 minutes read

I’m Myles, and I’m new here. I’m a developer in Etch’s Pulse team. I’ve been here for just under a month, and I thought it was time to share my thoughts on my experience so far. Plus, Adam put a task in my schedule to write a blog so… I kind of had to do it.

The day-to-day

The type of work that I’ve done so far has varied greatly. When I’m not being forced to write blogs, I’ve been fixing bugs on a few of our sites; adding features such as account registration and an events map; working on some of the newer sites but also a couple of the older, legacy ones – it’s been a nice mix!

Thankfully, there haven’t been any surprises in terms of the work – I haven’t been expected to work on anything I’m totally clueless about, or anything I wouldn’t want to work on, which is good. I've enjoyed working on all of it so far.

We try to follow a very clear and concise workflow - at the beginning of each week, we’ll have a team meeting where Adam will lay out what the team are working on that week. We use Trello to manage tasks and estimate how long each task will take. I personally like this approach as it ensures that I have the right amount of work to do that week.

I also really like the fact that we’re thorough. With code reviews and pull requests, reviews on staging environments, and easy access to producers who can sign things off, it’s unlikely that any site-breaking changes are pushed live.

Easing into it

The support here at Etch is great! As the new guy, I was a bit worried at first that I’d get thrown in at the deep end, but that hasn’t been the case at all. I’ve been eased in and any time I’ve had any trouble with any particular task, any of the other developers have been more than happy to help. Everyone seems understanding and helpful, which has taken the pressure off a bit.

It’s great working in an environment where you’re surrounded by people more knowledgeable than you as it gives you the opportunity to learn from them. It also helps that they’re all very approachable – even when I am asking stupid questions! [Editor’s note – there are no stupid questions!]

Free breakfasts and 3pm finishes

Etch has a relatively laid-back and very social culture. Of course, there’s an expectation that work gets done, but we like to have fun here too. Free breakfast and finishing at 3pm on Friday is definitely appreciated!

We use Slack to communicate with other’s in and out of the office, but we also have several other channels for off-topic stuff like the various clubs going on and a random channel for anything that doesn’t belong anywhere else. Who says work can’t be fun?

The end of the first month

Even though it seemed overwhelming at first, I feel like I’ve settled in well and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far. Every day I learn more, and I get to write great code, which is always a fun experience. I can see myself growing a lot here. And while our Pulse team leader Adam might have told me I had to write a blog… Nobody told me I had to say that!