Etch Summer Summit 2016

Rosie Wiseman
19 Jul 20163 minutes read

This month we hosted our first ever Summer Summit

The event was a chance for all folks interested in digital to get together, listen to a series of stimulating talks by industry experts and have a beer and bite to eat in our swanky new office.

Over 50 of our friends, clients, partners and business leaders joined us for the afternoon, from firms including Google, IBM, Carnival UK, Cactus Kitchens, Winchester Science Centre and Old Mutual Wealth.

The beer tap was flowing and there were nibbles a-plenty as guests mingled and listened to the talks.

So, what was the line-up?

Paul Davies, our design psychologist, was up first with his talk ‘five zombie theories of the brain’.

Paul presented five myths of the brain that won’t die and why spotting neuroscience from neurononsense is more important than ever.

He surprised guests with common beliefs that turn out to be falsehoods, and how being smartly sceptical will help you create better communications.

‘Customer data is the new oil’ is the belief of James Beeson and Kristina Angelova, of RIKA Digital.

The pair explored customer behaviours and how to provide content, services and experiences based on their individualism, through one-to-one conversations, data-driven marketing, context-awareness and personalisation.

Find out more about The Segment-of-One marketing here.

Adam Burt, developer and wannabe futurist, forecast exciting new technologies and trends that will change the world as we know it in the years to come.

For Adam, the future is an ‘inherently exciting concept’ — if you’re an optimist at least. From physical web to artificial intelligence and headsets that warp reality, Adam explored what the world may look like over the next few — or 50 — years. He even invited guests to chat to his self-made robot, Burtbot.

Check out his full talk here.

Tara West, head of PPC, laid out PPC actionable, quick impact tactics for brands to implement in order to get the most from their ad spend.

She explored the best ways to reach customers through pay-per-click ads, from proactive negative keyword selection to creating location extensions.

Take a look at ‘10 tips to take your PPC to the next level’ here.

Following the talks, our expert panel debated and shared their insights on hot topics including ‘where do you see yourselves in five years?’.

Here are a few of our quick-fire facts of the day:

• 61 folks attended
• 157 drinks consumed
• 70 sandwiches eaten
• 14 questions debated
• 11 dates with our PPC clinic planned!

We had a lot of fun! If you missed out, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming events on Twitter and Facebook. Our video of the event is live here.

We always want to hear your feedback so please let us know what you found valuable here.