Etch Play Roundup (29/11/2019)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 29 Nov 20193 minutes read

What a week it's been.... we've got some weird and wonderful updates for you, so hang tight!

My oh my, it's been a busy old week for the Play team, so wrangling the herd (definitely a pun in reference to an update further down, so if this doesn't keep you reading, I don't know what will) for some roundup dates has been tough this week. But nevertheless, there are updates for you, and they are as always, worth a read.... (If I do say so myself 😅)


I've been playing more of God of War, the (surprisingly long) adventure that features visceral action, epic conflict, and... Daddy issues? Anyway, this week I've fought my way out of Hel (twice), rowed a boat around with a talking head and my bratty son, and punched lots of things in the face.

God of War


Usual lunch time Rocket League and played some 2s with Ben G one evening. We're so close to ranking up to Champ3, which is very exciting!

Rocket League


I've recently started Horizon Zero Dawn, continuing my tour of PlayStation exclusive titles. Not got too far into it yet as most of my attention lately is on our upcoming Rocket Jump Event focusing on the Business of Indie Games, which is looking to be an excellent event next week. If you're curious, come and join us in Guildford on 5th December!

Rocket Jump Event


In slightly tangential, video-game related news this week; some farmers in Russia have supposedly been experimenting with using VR headsets to improve cows' experiences of living on dairy farms. Some reports suggest VR developers have been employed to create 'sunny field simulations' for the bovines to enjoy.

Fascinating new use of technology, horrifying dystopian future or marketing stunt, I'm not really sure yet.

VR Cows

Ben J

As I'm sure everyone is aware, it's Black Friday season. I'm usually pretty good at staying strong, however this year I have caved and indulged in a new Ambilight TV I've been coveting for a few years now - finally down to a price my Yorkshire blood could just about stomach. So I've been spending the week gazing in awe at the beautiful colours being projected on my wall. I'm easily pleased.

At Etch we also have a Secret Advent Calendar for Christmas - basically everyone is assigned someone secretly in the office to buy or make an advent calendar for - and my word there are some freaking awesome ones, there are some incredibly creative people here and it's great to see the love! I don't know who had me, but whoever you are, thank you - going to the effort of 25 individually wrapped boxes is outstanding. Secret person - you rock!  

Secret Advent Calendar

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