Etch Play Roundup (27/09/2019)

Adam Burt
Adam Burt
Senior Developer 27 Sep 20193 minutes read

It's the last full week of September, and the Play team have things to say.

Hello! I'm not even gonna do a fancy introduction because we all know the real content begins when I stop talking. Here's the latest from Etch Play's world.


Every now and then, Twitter is good. This week it was. We got to partake in discussion about the best games of the decade, and then @walaber shared some interesting insight about a niche passion: confetti in videogames.

Joe B

I've been playing Divinity: Original Sin 2, but I've not gotten too far though as I've also been prepping for a DND campaign starting on Saturday, using some stuff from I've also been working on a small Vue app at home, but i'll keep that one a secret until it's a bit further along. 😛

A screenshot of Divinity: Original Sin 2


I've been playing with Apple Arcade, and I've written a short blog about it (plus a couple of other iOS13 changes!) which you can read here.

Ben G

In between being amused by Borderlands 3 and dreaming about Mario Kart steering wheels, I've been enjoying synchronised Rocket League.


Myself and my wife have started playing Gears 5, the latest in the Gears of War series by The Coalition. So far it's offered a great story and is visually stunning. Particularly impressive as it also offers split-screen co-operative play, an increasingly rare feature in the modern world of ubiquitous online gaming.


I've spent time this week getting to grips with the latest version of Orchard Core, and .NET Core 3.0


I've been excitedly watching initial gameplay videos and streams coming out from Planet Zoo which entered closed beta this week for people who pre-order.

A screenshot of Planet Zoo

I'm a big fan of management games, some of my formative games included Bullfrog's Theme Park and Chris Sawyer's Rollercoaster Tycoon, so this is another game that really catches my eye. 

I enjoyed playing Frontier's previous park management game; Planet Coaster but I'm excited to hear that this one has more management depth to sink my teeth into.As an added bonus I love all sorts of animals so really it's a great match!


I've been playing Overwatch, as usual! I hit Grandmaster on tank, playing Zarya. Stay tuned to the blog for more about the game from me, as I've been writing up some reports about the state of Esports, and Overwatch in particular.

That's all for this week - we'll see you next time!