Etch Play Roundup (25/10/2019)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 25 Oct 20193 minutes read

Ben J is taking the reins this week to navigate you through another wild week in the gaming life of the Play Team.

Hello, my name is Ben and I'll be your pilot this week filling in for the irreplaceable Adam - but hey, I'll give it my best shot!

Ben J

This week I popped up to The Curtain in London along with Dan and Ben Thornton (of Digital Marketing team fame), to attend an event organised by Canvas8 exploring Gaming Culture amongst Gen Z. It was a really great event, with talks from Hannah Elderfield from Canvas8, Fran Shergold from Irregular Corporation, and Dr Rob Gallagher from Ego Media. We examined a whole host of ideas and topics such as what has shaped Gen Z, the impact this has had on gaming communities, and whether gaming and gamers have ever actually grown up. Definitely a subject I'd like to spend more time looking into. 

gen z gaming culture


I've had quite an uneventful week, although it wouldn't be a week without the usual lunchtime Rocket League!


I've been playing (and loving) Dicey Dungeons this week, the latest game from Terry Cavanagh. It's a mix of dice rolling luck and play strategy, wrapped in a charming package about anthropomorphised dice. You fight your way through a dungeon map by using the numbers on the die to power your special moves and abilities, and although it starts simple, it quickly proves to be a complex game to master.

dicey dungeons


This week seems to have flown, and it sort of feel like I haven't done an awful lot.... That said, Jagex launched their Old School Runescape Halloween event yesterday, and I'm excited to see what's going on with it as I haven't read anything about it yet. Oh, I also ran my own Halloween game of D&D using The Madhouse of Tasha's Kiss, which the whole party seemed to enjoy! So I guess I did do something.

runescape screenshot

Ben G

I stumbled across a game, well a potential game.... Trash Bandits. Spotted on reddit this week, and then tracked down further on Twitter all we seem to have to go on is a gif, but it looks a lot of fun so hopefully it turns into something I can get my hands on.


I've been rolling my sleeves up this week and doing some actual code hacking (queue groans from the dev team 👀), working on a tool to migrate my personal blog from WordPress to our own PlayCMS platform. I've also been getting back up to speed in the latest developments of JavaScript game engine, Phaser.


Gaming has taken a slight backseat this week as I’ve been doing some "real work" and created an Orchard Core Module for Stripe payment API for a client project to handle both subscription and single purchase.


I'm still entirely gripped by autonauts, the loop of constantly programming more little bots to automate more jobs and move through the tech tree feels like a recipe designed to hook me completely! Here's a screenshot of my actual base as it exists now... Looking at this screenshot makes me want to tidy it up -  maybe something for next week's roundup!

autonauts screenshot

If you have cool articles, videos or games you think we should be checking out, or you want to talk about how our expertise could help you build great websites and services for your fans, let us know on Twitter. If you'd like to find out more about Etch Play, visit

As a famous cartoon rabbit once said, That's all folks! See you next week 👋