Etch Play Roundup (24/01/2020)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 24 Jan 20205 minutes read

Once upon a time there was a Play Team, and they had a magical week of exciting activities, that they wanted to share with you all...

This week we're getting more enjoyment from games by playing as a team, escaping into virtual worlds, and have also been looking at some cool code. Fill your boots Etch Play Roundup reader!


I’ve been playing PUBG Mobile on my tablet this week.

I played a couple of solo rounds and didn’t quite enjoy it but when you play in a team with friends it's so much fun, especially when you get used to your team mates. Attacking another group with team work is a great feeling.

PUBG Mobile


This week I've been working on some of the content that we'll be sharing in the coming months, which is all about our mission to enable companies to deliver exceptional player experiences that extend beyond the game itself. We call it The Extended Experience, go find out more here.

In my spare time I continue to be blown away by the rich world of Outer Wilds (both metaphorically, and literally thanks to the gravity cannons), and I have begun playing Shadow of the Colossus.

Shadow of the colossus

Ben j

This week me, Joe and Adam decided to dust off Ultimate Chicken Horse as we haven't played it for a little while. The game is basically to build a level as you go, making it as difficult as possible for your opponents, but still achievable  to get to the other end and race to get there first. Now that we have collectively sunk a lot of hours into the game, we have changed the dynamic of how we play. Rather than trying to get the most points the quickest, we now opt to try and build the most intricate level we can, stashing all the coins in one hard to get location, which is reserved for the final run of the game.

I find it much more fun this way, and even though it is still competitive, we actually are working together as a team for the majority of the game to build an amazing level, before we go head to head in what is basically a winner-takes-all last dash.

Ultimate Chickens Horse


This week, I tackled the rats nest of cables behind my TV and set up my PSVR. I've been having a great time playing through the excellent Blood and Truth by our friends at PlayStation London Studio. The game is fantastic with a compelling secret agent come cockney gangster vibe, impressive visuals and what I absolutely love is the playfulness it offers. There's something really satisfying in seeing a hoop over an innocuous waste paper bin and throwing a ball of paper into it whilst you're supposed to be stealthily infiltrating a criminal base. Great fun.

Blood and Truth


As avid roundup readers would know, I'm a fan of Old School Runescape, and this week a challenge that's been building up for the past few months has finally come to a head. Two players have beaten a powerful boss (one that challenges even high level players) at the lowest level possible in the game. Both xzact and Rendi have been going back and forth on having the lowest level over the past few months, but as a show of solidarity with one another, they both announced they'd reached this milestone at the exact same time as one another, and the entire community congratulated them both, it was heart warming 🤗


Not keeping up on this years promise of trying to play different games other than Rocket League. Away from games, this website by freelance developer Robb Owen appeared on my timeline and it's pretty slick. Loving the animations especially the self portrait on the homepage that follows the movement of your mouse. Robb even wrote up how he made the site and the animations here.

Adam Argyle recently tweeted this awesome CSS example. Using flex and just 13 lines of code, Adam created 4 separate layouts without using a single media query. That's pretty cool!

It's also another week of not being my birthday 😢

That's your lot! Until next time...

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