Etch Play Roundup (22/11/2019)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 22 Nov 20193 minutes read

Another week, another update - let's dive in!

It's getting cold and it's getting wet - so why not warm your soul with another instalment of the Play Team Roundup. This week we have a special guest joining us for an update, so please give a warm welcome to Myles from the Pulse team!


I've been reading about Ring Fit Adventure recently, Nintendo's latest (and apparently, most successful) foray into fitness-based games. I really love this concept, and if the right Black Friday deal comes along, I could be very tempted to pick this up.

Ring Fit Adventure


Its been a week all over the place for me! At the start of the week I was sim racing, and iRacing announced an update to my favourite car on their service, as well as a remake of one of their older tracks!

I also spent Thursday playing with a friend of mine on some of Steam's new Remote Play features, playing co-op Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Enter The Gungeon for the first time was a bit of a trip! Both of them are also on sale for the launch of remote play, and are awesome both single player and multiplayer!

Ben G

I stumbled across this cool post this week from Reagan Ray, looking at the evolution of video game console logos from the 1970's through to present day. It's really interesting to see the evolution! Go check it out for some nostalgia... 


Rimworld continues to hold my attention completely right now. I feel bad for my Planet Zoo animals. My base continues to expand, only really hampered by a massive shortage of steel and the AI storyteller's increasing insistence that I have too many colonists manifesting as larger and larger raids with more and bigger guns...



I found this infographic interesting: “A Decision Tree for Undoing Things with Git” which is worth checking out.


Continuing to make use of my newly acquired PS4 and exploring the PlayStation exclusives catalogue, I've been working through the Uncharted remastered series. They're well-crafted titles and I'm enjoying them, though not sure I'll make it through the entire series without a change of scene in between. I'm also very keen to check out the newly released Star Wars title Fallen Order from one of my favourite studios, Respawn.



I've been playing a lot of Pokemon Sword over the past week. Despite all the controversy, I've been really enjoying it! I've always been a huge fan of the series and have waited years to finally get a mainline game on a home console and this hasn't disappointed at all #GrookeyGang


Ben J

Half life is life.

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