Etch Play Roundup (21/02/2020)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 21 Feb 20208 minutes read

The Etch Play team are back to tell you all about the cool things we've seen and done this week in the wild world of video games.

This week we are revisiting childhood games, basking in the loveliness of community, and we have a special guest entry post from the Etch South Africa office with Sandy from the Product team giving us the low down on the latest season for Fortnite! 


We've recently got ourselves a copy of "Crash Team Racing Remastered Nitro-Fueled" in the office, and it turns out we've all forgotten how to play it since our childhoods. One of the key differences with it's, *ahem* famous competitor, is a more complicated drift system which makes all the difference in earning those much needed boosts.

It also has incredibly long load times for some reason? But the more I play it, the more I'm enjoying myself. I also like to think my skills are improving every time I play. Right guys? ... Right? Hello?


Last week I mentioned the new update for the Division 2, off the back of this Ben G noticed that the original Division 2 was available for a limited time at £2.50. We both handed over our coin and started cleaning up the streets of Washington. The game is as fun as the original but is slightly overwhelming with the amount of things there is to learn, especially when compared against the original division. The frequency and variety of drops can make inventory management feel like a bit of a chore. The missions are really enjoyable and it's very satisfying shooting stuff! Looking forward to getting deeper in to the game where hopefully the missions get a bit more challenging and I grasp a better understanding of different character builds.

Also, lost to Adam at Crash Team Racing.

The Division 2


As I’ve mentioned the other week, I’ve started using the free version of GeForce NOWThis week I’ve got my GeForce NOW Founders Membership (3 month free and then £4.99 / month for 12 month), I still prefer GeForce Now to the laggy, low quality game play on my Mac.My membership gives me the full GeForce NOW experience, including:

Geforce NOW


I've been playing a decent amount of Necronator this week, which was published by the gang over at Modern Wolf! I've sunk about 4 hours into it this week, while isn't a huge amount got me a few runs cleared. I've got a few issues with the game, but the developer mentioned in a post on Steam this week that there's a patch coming that'll address both my qualms with the game!

On a non game note, I've also been playing around with .NET Core on Linux, getting a PlayCMS setup on a cheap digital ocean box just to play around with, and it was surprisingly painless! I've also been putting in a little bit of extra time into an OrchardCore module that you can expect to see on GitHub soon™


Ben j

At the end of last week I went to see Sonic the Hedgehog Movie, and I went in fully expecting this either to be absolutely terrible, or perhaps absolutely incredible. The rest of the Play Team seem to think its hilarious I thought it might be incredible - but hey, I'm a dreamer. I was somewhat to surprised at how middle of the road it was, it wasn't terrible and it didn't blow my mind either. Jim Carey was however excellent in it as Doctor Robotnik. To be honest, as far as video game movies go, Sonic does seem quite a hard one to form a movie premise around, so I guess in that sense, it didn't do too bad of a job. Also, I could concentrate on the movie as they re-did Sonic's whole look so he wasn't a thing spawned out of nightmares.

Also excitingly this week, our great friends Hello Games dropped yet another completely free update to the ever expanding No Man's Sky, this time adding in Living Ships to the game. We get the fun of working with Hello Games on the update pages, which is always a blast creating pages with such incredible visual assets. You can go read all about the update, right here

NMS Living Ship


So... Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 dropped yesterday, and oh boy....

First a 25gb update (which is ginormous for most South Africans as fibre is not yet the norm), then, the theme for this chapter is some secret agent thingy.

They've completely revamped challenges (or at least the screen and how they're presented), drizzled in a little Deadpool (he's hiding in there somewhere and giving secret challenges if you can find them), and now offer 1 single character who you can customize by selecting from pre-designed parts (the rest of the characters all remain as static head to toe pre-designed selections).

deadpool fortnite

They've also added new bots, now these bots aren't like the old one's who were easily spotted by the fact that they would break walls and floors and when attacked, panic build 1 wall and not know what else to do. No no, these new bots are NASTY, they're called Henchmen and boy can they aim. They also come pre-loaded with shields, AND they revive their fellow henchmen. Luckily they can only be found at all the newly added locations so you know what you're getting yourself into. They do cause hilarious confusion though as I found myself in a situation last night where myself and a fellow player (enemy) got confused between each other and all the henchmen. Luckily I won that battle.

Another giggle inducing addition is the telephone booths where you can hop in to disguise yourself as a henchman to slip past the roof installed intruder detecting laser beams.

All in all, not a bad update, also bearing in mind that they've now switched Fortnite to be powered by Unreal Engine's Chaos physics system.

fortnite season 2

Ben G 

Not much to update on this week, as Pete's already mentioned that we've started playing The Division 2.
I recently played Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and absolutely loved it: the gameplay, story and beautiful scenery.

Then, yesterday, I saw this crazy video of RDR2 on PC with the graphics maxed out 🤯 I would love to play this in VR...


I've had an extremely busy week this week but I did get a moment of joy from the wonderful world of games and communities. Anyone that knows me knows I'm a huge proponent of community and this was a very good example of community at it's best.

That's all folks - until next time. 

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