Etch Play Roundup (20/12/2019)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 20 Dec 20193 minutes read

It's our final round up of the year - hang tight!

It's the final round up of the year from your resident Play Team. Thanks for indulging us whilst we've been updating you on our activities and things we've found that have interested us this year - hopefully you've enjoyed reading these as much as we've enjoyed putting them together. Merry Christmas everyone!


One of the best games of the last decade for me has been the deceptively simple Desert Golfing for Android and iOS. I always love reading people's takes on it, and this week Vice Gaming had me covered. Here, McKay Hartwell takes a look at why such a simple game ended up taking on new meaning for him and others.

Desert Golfing


A bit late to the party but I picked up a PS4 Pro with Spider-Man this week and it has lived up to everything everyone has said about it. It's a fantastic game and probably the best 'be Spider-Man' game there has ever been.

The city is lively, great fun to explore and web slinging everywhere stopping the random crimes is awesome fun. The story also has me hooked in that 'but I really should go to bed now....' sort of way.



I came across this game, Knight Lab's SQL Murder Mystery, and found it interesting...

Murder Mystery

Ben J

I've not gamed much this week as I have been in full on Christmas panic as it dawned on me how close we really were, so my week has been consumed with present buying and wrapping! Also starting to feel very festive as one of my favourite times of the year has started - The World Darts Championships, so this has been consuming a lot of my evenings watching that.

I'm zooming off back to my homeland of Leeds this weekend to spend Christmas with the family which I am super excited for. Peace out for 2020!

William Hill World Darts


This week I've been diving into Phaser to help out Dan on a project, which has been a new experience and lots of fun!

PS I also played some Rocket League 😉



After my holiday last week, I've had an extremely busy run up to Christmas so I've not had much time for anything (other than exploring which supermarket does the best mince pies 🎄). I have however, been loaned God of War from Adam which is sat on my PlayStation waiting to be binged over the festive season which I am very much looking forwards to.

Mince Pies

Ben G

Some news I found out this morning which had me flabbergasted, Nintendo Switch overtook Xbox One in lifetime sales, despite being launched over 3 years later...

Nintendo switch

And that's it - From all of us at the Play Team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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