Etch Play Roundup (20/09/2019)

Adam Burt
Adam Burt
Senior Developer 20 Sep 20193 minutes read

Another busy week at Etch Play HQ. Adam's got the details.

Hello again - and welcome back to the Etch Play blog feature where I kick back and let the rest of the team do all the work, by getting them to send me information about all the latest things going on. 

Let's get started!


When it comes to Pokémon, I've always been an "Original 151" kind of guy. The new-fangled Pokémon creatures don't usually appeal to me. But, when you decide to add a smug-looking duck with a large sharpened leek as a sword, you have my attention. And apparently, the attention of Twitter at large, who quickly launched a new fandom based around Sirfetch'd, announced this week for Pokémon Sword on the Nintendo Switch. Kotaku has the scoop on this one.


We hosted our quarterly Guildford Gamedev Drinks event on Thursday which was a roaring success. Between ourselves, co-organisers Liquid Crimson and amazing sponsors nDreams and Stellar Entertainment we hosted nearly 200 games industry professionals from in and around the Guildford hub. The local industry is going from strength to strength and the success of the event demonstrates this. It was a fantastic evening enjoyed by many!

A photograph from Guildford Gamedev Drinks, 19th Sept 2019


This week we had the team night out at the very cool Flynn’s where I spent the majority of the time playing Time Crisis, which was one of my favorite games to play with my brother when I was growing up. Also it turns out I’m pretty handy at Pac-Man and not so great at Independence Day Pinball.

The Etch Play team at Flynn's in Southampton

Joe B

Bit of a dry week on the videogame front for me, but on the tabletop side I've been preparing for the two Dungeons and Dragons campaigns I'm currently running. Also, Humble Bundle came out with an RPG book sale which I'm probably going to pick up, as its got some D&D 5th Edition content, but also a lot of stuff for another system called Castles and Crusades which sounds cool too!


This week the excitement around Slay the Spire's new character 'The Watcher' starting beta testing has rekindled my hype for this excellent rogue-lite, deck building, dungeon crawler by Mega CritThough I'm personally saving playing the new character myself until it's fully released I have been enjoying watching YouTubers getting to grips with the new number-crunching-heavy gameplay!

A screenshot from Slay the Spire


I just want everyone to know that I was the best at Space Invaders during our trip to the arcade.

Ben G

It's finally here. It's time to be a goose.

Ben J

The driving range up at Parley have introduced a new Toptracer golf system, which gives you lots of game modes that utilise their sophisticated ball tracking technology. I went and played with it this week!

That's all from the Play crew for now. See you again soon!

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