Etch Play Roundup (17/01/2020)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 17 Jan 20206 minutes read

Guess who's back, back again... It's the Play Team, that's who 😁

We're back again, with your weekly dose of video games and general cool stuff we enjoy talking about.

Also, this roundup is definitely not for the game... or is it?


ADAM IS AWOL, I MIGHT BE ABLE TO GET IT IN BEFORE HIMย [Editors note: congrats buddy you did it, I always believed in you ๐Ÿ‘]

This week I've been hyped up for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020, there's no release date, so to tide me over I've picked up X-Plane 11, which has a bit of a steeper learning curve than I'd expected, but I've been having fun with it!

I've also dusted off my copy of OBS and have been streaming again, getting back in the saddle with some Tetris 99. My viewers managed to convince me to try the Team Battle mode, which is new since I last played, and it's so cool being able to actually spectate people and see how they play the game compared to me. I'll definitely be trying more of it.

Flight Sim


When we're doing mobile app work, I may work in the world of iOS, but I do like to keep an eye on what is going on over the fence in Android's garden. This week I have been reading about updates being trialled for the review process. Android has began to roll out some improvements to the way leaving reviews work. This has typically been quite a disruptive process for users with them having to leave apps to actually leave the review, but now Android are testing to allow reviews to be left via a dialog whilst keeping you within the app. This will make life easier for users who want to leave a review, and also should mean app developers are able to get more user feedback!


One of the most interesting things I read this week was this piece in VICE about the people trying to complete Ring Fit Adventure the fastest, a game that by most accounts takes at least 20 hours of strenuous physical activity to complete.

It's an interesting combination of insight into the speedrunning community and (unusually for games journalism) an exploration of competitive physical endurance.

ring fit adventure

ย Ben J

At the end of last week Adam introduced us to the game "Don't Get Got!", which we have been playing ever since. Each player gets a wallet with 6 secret missions/tasks in that they need to complete. The tasks range from things like, get a player to give you a hug, to changing your clothes midway through the day and have a player comment on it without prompt. Now, both of those seem pretty simple - however you only complete the task if a player within the game "gets got". If you get called out on your task, you fail and cannot re-attempt it on another player, so have to choose your moments wisely! The entire Play team is playing so, trust within the team has absolutely plummeted. Seemingly I am proving the easiest target ๐Ÿ™ˆ having so far:

"Is this for the game?" has become the new Play team catchphrase, as we all try to catch each other out!ย 

Don't get got


This week I have been enjoying Slay the Spire 2.0 and the official release of the new class 'The Watcher'. I'm feeling very pleased with my decision to exercise my willpower in resisting the urge to try the beta branch over the months it was on there as the initial impressions of the new class being totally polished and finished now are excellent.

It's hard to express how excited I am to have so many new cards and mechanics to play with but it's a lot. This new class brings in a lot of more complex interactions and mechanics borrowed from things like magic the gathering.

Scrying allows you to have a glimpse of upcoming cards, ditching ones you're not interested in. Stances are a persistent state your character can enter into and out of that have all sorts of different effects that trigger.

Safe to say that this is the most maths-y of the 4 characters and feels very crunchy to play, with a lot more of those "whoops that was the wrong play" moments. No better is this exemplified than in the card that enters you into divinity stance, which gives you triple damage but also says "you die next turn".

You better hope you did the maths right.

Slay the spire


I recently finished my playthrough of God of War which after a tentative start got me well and truly hooked into a story as good as any movie or TV series I've seen in the past few years. Since finishing that I've had an extremely hectic week so not picked up a controller again, however, these Kickstarter games stats from ICO Partners did catch my eye. Really interesting to see the continued success of the platform for games and in particular the comparison between tabletop and video games.

Ben G

This week it wasn't my birthday ๐Ÿ˜ข ๐Ÿ‘Žย 


This week I will just leave this banger here for you

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