Etch Play Roundup (15/11/2019)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 15 Nov 20193 minutes read

It's that time - grab a cuppa and dive into another update from the Play Team.

This week we're looking at hedgehog makeovers, Spider-Man, and high-speed racing. So let's get rolling....


This week the internet was introduced to the new and improved Sonic the Hedgehog design for his new movie, after fan outrage prompted a rethink by the studio. Will this movie be good? I'm not so sure. But the internet got what it wanted in this case, and we'll all find out in February.

New sonic


After my week off last week, I got bitten by the sim racing bug again, starting with Assetto Corsa Competizione, which just had its big 1.1 update launch the week before! Then this week iRacing have started their Black Friday sale, so I renewed my subscription and have spent this week racing chevy trucks around Pocono before I commit to getting back into the Skip Barber.


I had a couple of days off which I used diligently and finished a playthrough of Spider-Man on PS4. Such a great game, one of the most highly polished experiences I've played. The web-slinging around the recreation of New York City is extremely well-done and very satisfying.

I've now moved onto The Last Of Us (remastered) which is another PlayStation exclusive I'm catching up on with a compelling story, fantastic voice acting and zombies 👍

Spider-Man PS4


As normal I have been playing Fifa & Rocket League this week. I also came across this article on ratings and reviews helping to boost app downloads, which will be helpful. 


My gaming this week has gone back to the usual Rocket League. On a completely different topic I did go to the O2 this week to watch some tennis, which was awesome and I thoroughly recommend! We had really good seats and got to see Roger Federer, which was a real pleasure!

Tennis at the o2

Ben J

Over the past few weeks, I've been testing my general knowledge skills by pub quizzing, something I haven't done since my uni days. It's fair to say they're pretty mixed.... my team's results so far have been, 7th, 7th, 1st, last 👀, 3rd. For the most part, tried hard, must do better. 


This week I've continued my run of Rimworld and Planet Zoo competing for my attention.

My Rimworld colony continues to thrive and expand now sitting at 8 colonists with only a few major fires this week. We now regularly pay host to passing travellers in our totally not depressing guest rooms.

Back on Planet Zoo, my franchise continues to expand with a shiny new metal and glass construction full of climbing frames and tress for my collection of Lemurs. Unfortunately, it turns out female lemurs are rare and incredibly expensive on the player-driven marketplace so I've currently just got a big gang of lads.

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