Etch Play Roundup (13/12/2019)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 13 Dec 20193 minutes read

On the 13th day of Christmas, the Etch Play team gave to me... their usual weekly round up.

Hello! Let's get right into it, shall we?


I've been working my way through some PS Plus free games, which this week means I've been playing Onrush. It's a cleverly designed driving game that enforces total chaos on you at all times, only briefly pausing to show you people doing cringe dances to dubstep for some reason.

With enough vehicular carnage to make even Vin Diesel say "holy shit", this game needs to be played to be believed. Even if you will spend the entire time wondering what the hell is happening.


 I got sent this really interesting case study from our friends over at Multiplay, this week. It goes into some detail about scaling to cope with the massive demands of the Apex Legends launch. If you remember, Apex launched with no marketing build up, so predicting the number of players was definitely going to be tricky, Multiplay explain how their expectations were surpassed in a matter of hours and how they went about scaling to handle the excessive load. It's an interesting read, and being able to scale is incredibly relevant for both the games and also for the other touch points games have such as websites and apps.  

Multiplay case study

Ben J

This week I was having a read of an interesting Game Discoverability case study from Simon Carless, on the sales of Golf Peaks. The case study was looking at various things like pricing which is relatively low, the affect new updates on the iOS version had on sales spikes, and how reviews referencing different platforms all contribute to helping with sales. It's an interesting newsletter which offers good insights and tips on how people find and purchase games, it's worth a look!

golf peaks


There is a free week on Anno 1800 which I have been playing, which is a game based in the 19th Century Industrial revolution - which is more interesting than it sounds. It's free to play until the 18th, so if you've been thinking about it and fancy having a go before parting with cash, move quickly!

Anno 1800


You can't beat some development humour!


This week I returned to playing lunch time Rocket League with Mobin & Ben, which as always was good fun! Not much else going on this week except for the exciting news that I've won a free copy of Read me  as part of a quiz our fabulous Play Team member, Adam, ran to celebrate to release of his new book, Read Me Too. I'm looking forward to reading his wise words!

Read Me

Ben G

I'm sure this isn't brand new information for most people, but the new Xbox, Xbox Series X, was announced last night at the Game Awards. It was a cool trailer, and I'm looking forward to seeing some more details about it. But in the meantime all I can think about is asking it "Hey Xbox Series X, what's the weather like outside?".


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