Etch Play Roundup (08/11/2019)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 8 Nov 20196 minutes read

It's that time again folks - It's Woody's roundup! No wait, I mean, the Play Team Roundup.

This week we get to celebrate some of our amazing clients achievements, we've got Pokémon news, and most exciting of all, there is more to Pete's update than Rocket League! Enjoy......


Another week of Fifa 20 for me, I played a lot of Fifa in the Mystery Ball mode.
You don’t know what Mystery ball is?
Fifa has different house rules which can be played as following:
Long Range: In this mode, only the goals counts as 2 goals when you score in long-range and outside the box.
Headers & Volleys: When playing this mode, the goals only count if you score a header or a volley, free kick or penalties.
First to: In this mode, you can play as long as the first person gets to the number of goals have been agreed.
Survival Mode: This is survival mode, you lose a random player each time you score a goal up to 5 players except your goalkeeper.
No Rules: No fouls or offside.

And the new mode introduced in Fifa 20 is the Mystery ball. Each time the ball leaves the play, the game goes into a new mystery ball type with a range of 1 to 3 goals worth of scoring. The player currently in position can benefit from the boosts, such as, Passing boost, Shooting boost, Dribbling boost, Speed boost and all together boost.
Obviously this makes the game unrealistic but it’s so much fun. My favourite is Speed boost which makes your player run 5 times faster as usual.

Fifa 20 Mystery Ball


This week I finally got around to playing Destiny 2. After probably the longest download/install time I've ever experienced, I jumped right in and started shooting aliens in the face, with very little context to go on. Who are these aliens? Where am I? Who am I? Why am I shooting them? And why is everyone dancing? Hell if I know, but the controls feel tight, the game looks good, and my bumbling idiotic "Guardian Warlock"(?) is content to stumble from one area to the next, doing what he does best: Pulling the trigger when the reticle turns red.

Destiny 2 Screenshot


Big news! This week I played a game that wasn't Rocket League (well I did play Rocket League too). Lawrence informed me last week that there was a big update for a classic game a few of us love called Transport Tycoon. The game is being maintained as an open source project called OpenTTD. They released a 1.10.0 at the end of last month so I gave it a whirl and it's still addictive fun! Videos of my progress to come in the future 😁


Ben J

We're nearing closer to the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, and this week more information has come out. Firstly, the announcement of the official online competition which has been named ‘Galar Beginnings’  which kicks off on 6th December. My fellow Pokémon trainers, you can sign up to compete from 15th November (release day) through to 5th December. In your Battle Team you must select a minimum of three, and a maximum of six Pokémon, all of which will be boosted to level 50 for each match. Let Battle Commence!

I also saw this week that Blacksad: Under The Skin accidentally got released a week early on Xbox and PS4, due to what is being described as a "technical malfunction" - 😬 whoops! Anywho, although players can crack on, Microids, the publisher of the game are asking players to hold fire until they can get a patch released as it is still a wee bit buggy! The official release was penned for the 14th November, and Switch is the 28th.

Pokemon Battle


Planet Zoo released this week and I have spent a bit of time in my zoo franchise remembering how much I struggle with these creative arty type games. I'm determined to get better though, I just need to figure out how to make my depressing concrete trapezoid full of snakes and lizards look better... At least my Red Panda enclosure looks ok! Pictures to come next week perhaps...

The main reason I've been struggling to put much time into Planet Zoo is my stop-gap game which was supposed to distract me until it came out is totally consuming my attention right now. It's Ludeon Studios' Rimworld again, my current base is pictured below. Currently, I'm trying to deal with the crushing loss of my legendary colonist 'Legend' who died to an infection after getting severely burned fighting a fire started for fun by another of my colonists 'John' in my ENTIRELY WOODEN base.

Lawrence's Rimworld Base


Last night was the TIGA awards, a celebration of the UK games industry talent. It was fantastic to see so many industry friends being recognised. In particular our friends at PlayStation London Studio, who walked away with the Heritage Award for their representation of London in VR game Blood & Truth. In addition, their Studio Director and long-time Etch Play friend, Stu Whyte was recognised with the well-deserved "Outstanding Individual" award. Another fantastic client Supermassive Games were awarded Best Action/Adventure Game AND Best Social Game for their latest release, Man of Medan. We couldn't be prouder to get to work with such talented teams and individuals.

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