Etch Play Roundup (07/05/2020)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 7 May 20204 minutes read

Join us for another weekly installment of just what has been going on in the world of Etch Play.

Hey folks, we're here a day early as we didn't want the bank holiday tomorrow to mean you miss out on your weekly dose of the Play Team. This week we're excited for the upcoming Xbox event, been playing with Unity, and going cycling mad. Enjoy! 


Today sees the first of several online streams from Microsoft, showing off gameplay on the new Xbox Series X console, due this holiday.

The stream will focus on third-party content this time around, including gameplay from the recently announced Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

It starts at 4pm, and we don't have a link yet but safe to say it'll be live-streamed from the Xbox YouTube channel. We'll be tuned in!

Ben G

This week we have been streaming more Rocket League, and have another gem of a clip for you!


I haven't been gaming too much this week, but I have been playing around in Unity. After getting an email about Kenney's Asset Forge getting an update, I thought, why not? I've been playing with the new render pipeline stuff too, I'm enjoying the shader graph, it makes it a lot easier to make cool looking stuff! And some new toys in the package manager, like ProBuilder and Progrid, makes me feel like I don't even need any modelling software for rapid prototyping anymore - its been fun. I'm remaking an ooold game me and some friends made back in 2005, I'm hoping it's at least slightly better than back then 🙈


Another update on my Fifa 20 online challenge that I mentioned last week. I’ve been struggling to get wins in division 2 and gave myself a break after losing 2 games in a row. I will play this bank holiday weekend and hopefully will get to division 1 🤞 In addition, I have been playing the routine lunch time Rocket League with Ben and Pete which you can see some of the good goals and saves in the video above provided by Ben ☝.

fifa 20


Nothing game related from me this week, more exercise focused! During social isolation I've been addicted to riding my bike round the beautiful New Forest. I use Strava to track the rides and have started getting in to challenges. This month I'll be doing a cycling distance challenge which involves cycling 1,250km in May, it's going to be tough! Follow me on Strava to see how I get on.


Ben J

While sports fans have been clamouring for anything they can get a hold of while traditional sports have been put on hold (some of us here at Etch are currently glued to Jelle's MarbleRuns), there have been moves that are seeing esports becoming even more popular. It has been announced this week that ESPN and the NBA 2K League, the first official esports league operated by a U.S. professional sports league, are teaming up to air live NBA 2K League matches throughout the 2020 season, which will hopefully tide fans over a bit longer, and will no doubt further help boost the world of esports.

NBA 2K League

We're over and out for another (short) week. Don't be alarmed by Dan's absence, today is his birthday so he is having a well earned day off - head on over to his twitter to wish him a happy birthday! Enjoy the long weekend everyone 👋

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