Etch Play Roundup (06/12/2019)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 6 Dec 20194 minutes read

How is it December already?! Your regular dose of the Play team is here and ready for you to (hopefully) enjoy. Dive in...

Welcome to the Etch Play roundup, and it's now December, so officially Christmas is here! I hope you like YouTube videos, because this week we've come across some cool things for you to feast your eyes on. Enjoy!


Super Mario Maker 2 unveiled it's biggest update yet, including some really neat new features and... Link! It's exciting to see Nintendo taking steps towards making the franchise more all-encompassing, and reflective of their vast library of incredible IP.


Yesterday we hosted our latest Rocket Jump Event in Guildford, focusing on The Business of Indie Games. Such a fantastic event with a great turnout. Excellent talks and discussions ending on a high with a festive round of our quarterly Guildford Gamedev Drinks networking event. Feedback has been exceptional and we've already forgotten the monumental stress of organising events and moved onto plans for the next one! Watch this space 👀...


Its week 13 in iRacing, which means chaos, crashes and best of all, quarterly update time! This season's update is insanely big, rolling out updates to a whole heap of cars, a new paint texturing system, as well as a completely new dirt track, brand new V8 supercars, and finally the long awaited introduction of AI! They put together a trailer that does more justice for it than I ever could!


Unbelievably I've not played any Rocket League this week so I've been missing out on the huge new update they've rolled out that switches the crate system for a blueprint system.  Looks like the update hasn't been well received due to items being overpriced compared to their value when crates & trading existed.

Also, last week during our technical improvement meeting one of our developers made us aware of Storybook, which I was thoroughly impressed by and been reading up on in preparation for seeing if it can be used as an alternative to Fractal, our tool of choice for constructing pattern libraries.


I found this video of Next-generation web styling: 

Some highlights are:

I also heard about HTML5 Server-Sent Events. A server-sent event is when a web page automatically gets updates from a server. This was also possible before, but the web page would have to ask if any updates were available. With server-sent events, the updates come automatically.

Ben J

My week has been a bit of a whirlwind, yet I'm not really sure where it has gone to. I attended Rocket Jump with Dan yesterday which was a really great day (if we do say so ourselves), and I picked up a lot of great knowledge which will help me out, and ultimately help our clients out day to day. 

I also got my Spotify Wrapped yesterday - and I found out that my top band of the decade, was also the same as my top bang of 2019, and basically most of the years in between. I was already pretty aware, but this has fully confirmed that my fanboydom for The Gaslight Anthem is incredibly strong! I love things like this, it's makes me want to engage more with Spotify (which is what they also want you to do!), and it's a clever use of the data they store. If you haven't seen this, go check out yours!

Spotify Wrapped

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