Etch Play Roundup (04/10/2019)

Adam Burt
Adam Burt
Senior Developer 4 Oct 20193 minutes read

Some people are considering putting the heating on this week. What else is new?

Welcome to the latest edition of the Etch Play Roundup. It's October, so it's getting a little colder and we're all starting to think of spooky pseudonyms for our Twitter handles. But, we've also been staying immersed in the wonderful world of videogames. Here's what the team's been up to.


I finally finished Celeste this week, and although it was infuriatingly difficult at times, I really enjoyed it. Does that make me a sadomasochist? Maybe. At any rate, I captured some footage this week, which shows off some of the game, and how difficult I found it!

Ben G

I'm excited by Sony getting on board with crossplay functionality on the Playstation 4! From



As I got my copy of FIFA 20 this week, it was all FIFA for me. I like it better than FIFA19, the improved defense AI makes a big difference, and scoring goals is now a lot harder. I'm also loving the new Volta mode. It’s not really a competitive game as scoring in a small goal with a good goal keeper is virtually impossible, but it’s a good laugh.

Ben J

Twitch revealed it's new branding this week, and I'm a big fan. The retro feel looks really cool, whilst still keeping the touches that we all recognise as "Twitch". For me what was done very well was the presentation - the tone and messaging was all around the community and creators, really showing they understands their audience and lifeblood. Capping it off with a quirky little game to help users get familiarized with the new branding is also very in keeping with the brand.

Twitch Brand

Joe B

I've not played too much lately. I ran a D&D game on Fantasy Grounds for a new group this week, which went well! Also been putting some time into Planet Coaster, going through the scenarios are giving me some vintage RCT vibes


I finished up Gears 5 this week which offered a very satisfying blend of narrative adventure and very un-cerebral shooting all the aliens 💪. Industry-wise I've been starting to look into CRM and what opportunities there are for doing this in a B2C context and at the high-volume scales of dealing with video game audiences. Hopefully more on that soon!


Some of us play Rocket League at lunch time, we even got Joe to join us for a couple of games this week! Interestingly Rocket League just announced they will be replacing Crates with a new Blueprints feature that removes the gambling element in favour of knowing exactly what you're paying.

That's all for this edition. See you next time!

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