Etch Academy: 1 month in

Jessica Turner
Jessica Turner
Marketing Intern 14 Aug 20195 minutes read

Etch Academy was launched last month. Jess Turner, Digital Marketing Intern unpacks her experience so far.

In March we invited aspiring talent to join us via a 6-month internship programme called Etch Academy. The idea was born out of our collective love of to sharing knowledge, growing our teams and providing the opportunity for people to follow their passion in the digital industry. Just over a month ago we welcomed three enthusiastic and talented people to begin their journey with us and we couldn’t be happier! We have Jess in Digital Marketing, Marte in Digital Design and Tomek in Web Development. We asked Jess to give us a rundown of how they’ve found their first month at Etch, take a look.

I came across an opportunity called the Etch Academy and I was intrigued, not only because it was exactly what I was looking for, but because the application process what unlike anything had ever seen before. We were asked to send over something ‘inspiring’ and it could literally be anything in any form. I decided I was going to apply, and this is where my Etch Academy journey began.

Throughout my school life, it was assumed that one day I would go to university. In 2017, I left sixth form and had a place at university. Yet, getting this place didn’t feel special and the more I thought about the realities of going university, the more I realised this wasn’t how I wanted to spend the next three years of my life. I decided to not go to university and instead, I set up my own company and my non-traditional approach to life acted as the foundation of my Etch Academy Digital Marketing application.

The emphasis on sharing knowledge and ideas is at the forefront of Etch’s ethos and by working here you can learn so much more beyond your chosen field.

Jess Turner, Digital Marketing Intern

Marte, our Design Intern, did a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and a master’s degree in Visual Communication, both at Solent University. She freelanced for a little while before realising an agency environment would be better suited to her and this is when she decided to apply for the Etch Academy.

Tomek came from a similar background as he studied Software Engineering at Solent University. During his time at university, he also completed courses such as Web Development, Object Oriented Programming and Android Development. Tomek was keen to find a role in the programming industry and the Etch Academy opportunity came up at just the right time.

 Marte, Tomek and I were invited to a ‘super small gallery’ where our work was displayed, and we were able to chat to other potential interns and Etch employees. I’d never been to anything like this before and it was great opportunity to get a really good insight into Etch and how they operate. It was also great to see whether this is actually the right opportunity for us. Tomek described the process as “unique and it did not even feel like an interview” which I think everyone at the event would agree with.

Super Small Etch Gallery

Fast forward to starting the internship; during my first week at Etch I began to learn the basics of digital marketing. It’s so clear that everyone is so passionate about their area of expertise and are overflowing with knowledge. Last month, I just tried to absorb as much information as I could, and I began to get a better insight into Paid Social Media Marketing which has been amazing.  

For Marte, the whole month has been a highlight; “I am super happy with my new situation/life at Etch: the tasks I get, the people, the ‘spirit’ of Etch with ‘people first’ and ‘love what you do’. It seems like a phenomenal place to work, and everyone here seem very satisfied with their work situation”.

One thing I don’t think any of us were expecting is how strong the company culture is at Etch. I believe a company culture has the ability to really make or break a company. At Etch, you are encouraged to become the best version of yourself in every aspect of life and I believe this is so important. It is clear that the company really cares about you as an employee. There are loads of social events, free breakfast at the ‘family table’ every Friday, Etch night out, Family Day and more! For Tomek; “the main highlight is the atmosphere around here. I feel more motivated to go to work than I did in my previous job and I think it is because of the approach towards personal growth that Etch has.”

Etch Academy

The emphasis on sharing knowledge and ideas is at the forefront of Etch’s ethos and by working here you can learn so much more beyond your chosen field. For example, this month Marte is running a workshop where you can learn all about brush lettering.

We are all loving our new role at Etch and this is only the start our journey as interns. I can’t wait to see what we can all achieve in the next 5 months!

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