Barcamp it up!

14 Nov 20162 minutes read

On Saturday the 12th of November, Barcamp Southampton returned.

On Saturday the 12th of November, Barcamp Southampton returned. We here at Etch were thrilled to see it make a comeback because it's a great event, and we were happy to pitch in again and make sure it was as good as last year's inaugural edition. 

The 'Barcampsite' was yet again Central Hall, one of the best venues in the local area, and along with fellow organisers Moov2 we helped set up the rooms and projectors, set up the empty schedule, and then all we had to do was sit back and watch as the burgeoning local digital scene came to life in front of our very eyes. Easy, really. The attendees do all the hard work at Barcamp! 

This was a Barcamp which truly had something for everyone. The topics were incredibly far reaching, including, but not limited to: Writingowls, adblocking, automation, lean coffeeindieweb, virtual reality, SEO, education, scrum, machine learning, hacking, train sets, and even a session dedicated to a Playstation game called Nidhogg, which really brought out everyone's competitive side. 

There were also plenty of experiments on display, from the Haiku Camera and Lego Docker Containers to Big Red Buttons that play "The Final Countdown" and a digital typewriter experience. 

It was a bigger turnout than last year, and the mammoth lightning talk session reflected that – 14(!) lightning talkers took to the stage at the end of the day to share words of wisdom and stuff they thought was cool. They were right by the way, it was cool.  

All of us who attended were really impressed. Barcamp demonstrates how great it can be when a community takes the reigns and is given the space to share their knowledge. So if you attended, thank you from us. You did Southampton proud! 

And if you didn't attend, well... There's always next year. We hope. Next time, make sure you don't miss out.