Barcamp Southampton 2017

We swapped conference calls, for a conference

There’s something really enjoyable about learning something new.

That’s why I look forward to Barcamp Southampton every year, a zany, varied collection of random presentations that I always find entertaining, inspiring, and useful.

On Saturday 14th, we descended on Central Hall, started drinking their delicious coffee, and began in earnest: 4 tracks, 2 lightning talk sessions and six time slots. There was a lot to see and do!

If variety is the spice of life, then Barcamp Southampton is a vindaloo curry. We had all sorts this year, including (but not limited to): Ukelele lessons, a silent talk, random presentations about volcanoes, Scotland and fluffy the cat, a password security gameshow and even an erotic novel written with machine learning.

And it wasn’t just the weird and wonderful on display, there was plenty of serious, hard hitting information too, including talks on education, supporting refugees, security, WordPress, CSS Grid, GraphQL, Lean Coffee, Continuous Integration, Umbraco, public speaking, and running a business.

That is to say, we had something for everyone!

I asked the Barcamp team to tell me what talks they liked best, and this is what they said:


Dale’s talk on “Can Computers Be Creative” was a really informative and enjoyable talk on how IBM Watson takes on challenges such as inventing new and interesting recipes, and the challenges involved.

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I gave a lightening talk workshop, and I was really pleased to see that it inspired people. They were able to try out their talk ideas first before giving them in front of everyone. 2 people who attended went on to give presentations to the entire group!

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I really liked Neil's failure workshop, and of course, the Ukeleles!

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The highlight for me was the variety of talks on offer. From the ukulele lesson (given by Faith, age 9) to lessons in password security. It was also fantastic to see so many people step up to try their first efforts at public speaking, exemplifying what Barcamp is all about.

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All in all, we couldn't have asked for better talks. If you were there, I hope you enjoyed yourself. And if you weren't there, well, do us a favour and come next time? It's pretty good, we promise!

Thank you to our attendees for all their support, especially those who donated projectors this year. Without you all, this event wouldn't work.

We'd also like to thank our fellow organisers Moov2, and our excellent venue, the inimitable Central Hall.

See you next year! 👋

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