Another year, another Summit

Adam Burt
Adam Burt
Senior Developer 1 Jul 20196 minutes read

On the 28th June, Etch hosted it’s annual Summer Summit – a chance for our friends to join us for insightful talks and a few cocktails. Here’s how it went down.

Hi, Adam here! I got to host the 2019 edition of the Etch Summer Summit, which basically means I was the one who had to keep asking everyone to clap for the next speaker. The event has always been a zany, slightly chaotic affair – reflective of what life is like inside our agency at times! And this year was no exception, with talks about brands, possibilities, the power of words, and brains. Yes, brains.

Throughout the day, I was keeping track of the best quotes, titbits, advice and takeaways, and I was even getting people to vote on which ones they really liked with their phones. The benefit of this system is that I can now get away with not really writing a blog at all, I can just copy and paste the highlights as defined by the group.

So, here’s our best bits.

Our first quote was only supposed to be an example, but, as luck would have it, this garnered over 100 votes. I strongly deny any accusation that this voting system was rigged.

Alright, let’s have a proper one…

The Art of the Possible in Business

Neal Archbold’s talk was about this idea that we’re sometimes too pessimistic about what is possible, and the key to innovation in business is to really understand what is possible, even if it seems unlikely to others. He also gave us some advice on how to generate ideas…

In an era of fake news where trust in brands is at an all time low, how does the power of persuasion work?

Next up was Martin Flavin, delivering a very funny seminar about how consumers no longer trust most brands, and what we can do about it. Alongside reminding us how critical it is to keep your promises, he highlighted the need for brands to really, genuinely know their customers.

A "Content-First" Approach to Design

Next up was the dynamic twosome of James Perrin and Amy Grinstead, who gave us a better understanding of content design as a discipline, and why everyone should care about getting content first.

Aristotle the strategist

Harriet Nicholson took to the stage to give us a 100% historically accurate* look at Aristotle and how his ideas can help us be better product marketers. It turns out, he had loads of great advice.

*Okay, maybe not 100% historically accurate

5 conversations to have with your agency to future-proof your digital marketing

Digital Marketing Manager extraordinaire Emma Budd was next up, and her talk had all sorts of advice that resonated with people, all about the conversations you should be having with your digital agency.

Persuading the brain

Lastly it was the turn of Paul Davies, design psychologist and someone who is obsessed with brains. His talk was all about how strange our little brains really are, and how we can’t always trust what our brain is telling us, even about the really important stuff.

In conclusion

Hopefully, these little selections have given you a taste of the kind of talent and insight that was on display at our Summer Summit. Or a refresher, if you were in attendance. The day as a whole was a triumph in my view, and offered far more than I could ever convey in a quick round up blog. It was a real celebration of my colleagues and all the witty things they have to say about our industry. I hope you found it useful.

There’s a bunch of people worth thanking – a small army of myriad Etch staff behind the scenes helped to sort out everything: Food and drink and chairs and gift bags and sign in and everything in between. Our chief organiser this year was Simon Johnson, who deserves particular praise for rallying everyone during a very busy time for our Southampton studio. Thanks also of course to our fabulous speakers, and most of all to our lovely attendees for coming along.

I’ve been Adam Burt, your guide to our wonderful world. We are the Etch Group. And we’ll see you next year.

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