What if we could redesign the customer journey to grow online revenues?


THE PIG Hotel wanted to attract and engage new customers, and convert them into loyal patrons. Primarily, they wanted to make their online booking system better suited to customers’ needs, with fewer clicks to purchase. 

We worked with them to redesign their online customer journey. By implementing a fully-customised online booking system, they were able to ensure that potential customers saw consistent messaging across all their sales channels.

The Pig Hotel recognised the need to better understand their online customer journey and conversion process. Additionally, they wanted to understand their customers’ needs, and build an online strategy that resulted in fewer clicks to purchase.

Improving the online booking process was of primary importance, and was the core objective for the project. The goal was to substantially boost online revenues over a two-year period.


We began by analysing The Pig’s online customer journey, specifically the path to purchase, to understand how long it took to make a booking. This gave us the information we needed to map out a new online strategy – one that placed the customer at the centre.

Improving the customer experience of the online booking journey was central to the project. We worked with Micros, utilising its Opera Reservation System (ORS), to create a customised booking system that had the capacity to manage the five hotel locations. We were given direct access to the application programming interface (API) so we could design a customer experience that met the needs of The Pig's customers.

A further element of the customer engagement programme was ensuring that the right messaging was being communicated to potential and existing customers throughout the path to purchase. We worked with The Pig to carry this messaging across all of their display advertising, email, social media, search and referral traffic.


As a direct result of the project, particularly the new booking system, The Pig saw a 250% growth in online revenues over a two-year period.

Additionally, over the last 12 months, The Pig achieved a 319% ROI on managed PPC activities, a 965% ROI on non-branded organic search terms, and a 1,943% ROI on email marketing activities, which were all carried out as part of the new customer engagement strategy.