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14 Product launches,
2 transformation programs,
and 1 giant IPO.

Digital Transformation

A 7-year long-standing partnership with Quilter that continues to produces an industry-leading change in the finance sector. Committed to making boring money something a little bit special for their customers. 

Back in 2018, The predominant challenge for Quilter was that they had rebranded their UK business from Old Mutual Wealth and Etch had helped rebuild their PLC website in a Waterfall way, on their strategic platform of choice, EpiServer.

Since then Etch suggested that should they need to roll out this rebrand to their other business units, it would better be served in an Agile delivery where we could make faster changes and more cost-effective releases.  

A simple approach to a complicated challenge.  

Rolling out an Agile framework in a traditionally Waterfall business was always going to prove challenging, but Quilter were on board to make the rapid change, so we set about suggesting how we could teach as we went, instead of taking the project away and delivering it back to them when it was completed.

 An augmented team made up of experts from Etch and Quilter combined. This is what Etch call “Delivery Design” an augmented framework that allows for knowledge share across disciplines and builds stronger more effective teams.  

For the beginning of the rebrand program, Etch’s experts set up in Quilter’s offices and together set up a digital team, sat with each other to make quick decisions to any questions. 

As each of Quilter’s business units had a slightly different feel depending on their audience type, our design team along with Quilter’s brand team, worked together to create a set of digital guidelines for each unit, creating parity with their offline collateral. 

A robust and sophisticated toolkit sat within their enterprise content management software.

This allowed them to create new digital products within EpiServer that can have a different styles depending on the business unit, sharing global components. A program of work that has worked in an Agile methodology, making continuous releases to iterate on their original MVP launch.   

Quilter have fully embraced the Agile approach, and will continue rolling this out across the business where they aim to reduce the amount of time and money spent of launch and enhancing their products.  

I have been blown away by the amount of work we have got through in order to deliver our MVP and more, and to such outstanding quality. The site really does look amazing…The key word here is team – and it just shows you what a group of people can do when all working together and pulling in the same direction

— Wendy Gell, Head of Digital for Quilter