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Streamlining your business processes to improve your ROI.

MyCSP provide pensions to over 1.5 million people and administer pension arrangement to the Civil Service.

Complimenting this offering, through the MyCSP Training and Employee Engagement Service they offer training on a wide range of pension related topics and legislative change.

Etch created the original MyCSP website, which at the time had a booking process that was mainly handled off site with only an enquiry form on the public facing site.

Behind the scenes a combination of spreadsheets, emails and outlook calendars managed by a dedicated internal team were part of a very manual process.

Some years later Etch were tasked with improving the experience around MyCSP’s training and booking services in their entirety - including the public facing booking process as well as the backend administration systems.

In order to gain an understanding of how MyCSP functioned we immersed ourselves into their business, and specifically the day to day workings of their booking processes.

During these ‘requirements gathering’ workshops, crucial information was uncovered that guided us in the way we’d approach the build.

Collaboration didn’t stop after the workshops, during design and development our team continued working closely with MyCSP to ensure requirements weren’t missed and input/feedback was sought.

Throughout the project we worked on a planned programme of sprints with show and tell testing to ensure we’d be ready for the launch date.

The revamped booking system was launched with a new website booking process and a slick, CMS managed backend process.

All bookings are now taken online and courses and their associated details such as price, venue and availability are all managed in the CMS. Courses, booker and delegates are managed within their own dedicated part of the CMS, allowing controlled access to sensitive information, an essential consideration for this kind of data.

MyCSP continue to invest in their online platform and the booking system is currently moving into phase 2 & 3, with iterative UX design and development sprints.

MyCSP now handles more bookings and offers more courses than ever before but thanks to the streamlining and automation of their booking process still only requires the same number of people to administer everything - a truly great example of using technology to drive efficiency and cost savings.

Bookings that can be processed has increased by 200%
Internal day to day admin time is down by around 50%.

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The Etch team continue to add value for us through their support and work on our website. They demonstrate a good understanding of our requirements and this was a great development which now provides users with a simple, easy to use online system, as well as proving significant admin efficiencies for our team.

— Chris Batts - Technology Solutions Director