How can we grow online revenue, over Christmas, using paid search and display remarketing ads?

Challenge & Solution

Our key challenge was to grow online revenue for Cactus Kitchens over their busy Christmas period. The more difficult challenge was to do this using paid search and display marketing, with a budget of £4,000 to cover the campaign.

We knew we had to be conservative in our approach, because of budget. Based on our knowledge and experience we chose to run a selection of Google Adwords campaigns, using both search and display re-marketing campaigns to get the best return on investment.

Our strategy was relatively simple, but threefold. Firstly we created awareness of Cactus Kitchens products and services through relatively broad non-brand search terms. We then focused on brand terms and then developed display re-marketing campaigns to engage with customers during their consideration and decision part of the buying process.

A final part of our strategy was to use aggregators such as Virgin Experience Days to our advantage. Cactus Kitchens had historically used these aggregators to sell their products and services in the past. The problem was they took a hefty commission (up to 30%) of a total sale. This is expensive for Cactus Kitchens and does not do their brand a great deal of justice. While we have a longterm strategy to move away from these aggregators, we decided to use them to our advantage with our campaign. Using predefined audiences, based on the first part of our strategy, we used tailored messaging in display remarketing and search ads, to persuade customers to purchase direct with Cactus Kitchens, rather than through aggregators.

The Results

Our paid search campaigns affected a total of £34,359 worth of ecommerce revenue, during the months of November and December 2015. Further to this revenue growth, the marketing spend invested generated an 850% return on investment.

All marketing was done to drive guests to make their bookings online, thus reducing the need for additional resources within the central reservations booking team and further improving the overall ROI.

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