What if we could help Europe's largest boat sales brokerage to harness their legacy systems?


Ancasta is the largest boat sales network in Europe, selling over 700 new and used boats each year. Ancasta broadly rely on two platforms: - the user-facing website, and - a purpose built system to list boats for sale and match potential buyers to suitable boats.


With little investment into these systems in many years, Etch prepared a 12-month plan to deliver a technical redevelopment. This was to run parallel with the development of new features - most notably a responsive rebuild of and, and new CRM features for Ancanet.

We are midway through the 12 months, and whilst we have planned an approximate sequence in which we will be delivering the elements we are working closely with Ancasta to review progress - adjusting the plan to accommodate their changing business requirements.


The responsive rebuild of, and search-engine friendly construction, has led to a whopping 82% increase in traffic (year on year).