The last console you’ll ever buy?

13 Nov 2020 - 7 minute read
The gaming industry is poised for dramatic change. In this week’s article, we’ll be examining the trends, and look at what the future of the gaming industry might hold from a vendor and developer perspective.

A truly digital Christmas: What do retailers need to do to navigate lockdown 2.0?

6 Nov 2020 - 6 minute read
With a second national lockdown in place in England, we’re looking at what the changing retail landscape means for consumers, what you should focus on now, as well as when we come out the other side and hurtle towards the festive period.

Business Briefing X Data: A Social Brand Dilemma

16 Oct 2020 - 5 minute read
A typical wet and windy October weekend in the UK gave ample opportunity for many of us to indulge in a new box set. Top of the agenda in our..

Business Briefing X Growth: How do you identify business growth opportunities?

8 Oct 2020 - 3 minute read
The life cycle of businesses, products and services is shortening. As categories get disrupted by evolutionary ecosystems and revolutionary players,..

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ETCH is a lively, thriving, colour-bursting organism within the digital consultancy world. I recently joined the team in May this year, and have benefitted from watching the organisation move through some incredibly formative months coming out of Lockdown and into the tentatively opening peri-COVID world.
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As we look forward to 2022, we outline Etch's key trends and priorities whilst reflecting on what we achieved in 2021. 
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Not every project or programme of work requires the same approach or methodology. There’s more to it than simply choosing one approach over another. But for organisations who don’t want or need to operate in one way or another, is there a case for a hybrid approach?
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The importance of working to (the right) business outcomes
It’s not surprising to say that many projects in business fail. No matter what the sector or what the project involves, many fail to live up to..
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