Etch make work
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The power of Etch is in our people. Over 20 years’ experience helping to solve business problems when it matters.

Our highly specialised teams combine data-driven strategic visions with cutting-edge technology and real-world industry experience to supply the right solutions, add value and provide significant returns for your business.


Strategically led

We ground our innovations, products and marketing solutions in smart, data-led insights. From conception to continuous improvement, we’re strategically driven to deliver world-class solutions.

Creative problem solvers

We adopt agile, sprint and design-thinking principles to tackle a range of problems – from business design to product design. This means we arrive at solutions faster and in collaboration with our clients.

Commercially driven

We keep our eyes on the prize. Our Etch teams are results-focussed, committed to driving real business growth for our partners.

Thriving cultures

We build the most effective teams to deliver world-class solutions that work for our partners and their customers. Drawing on our group expertise and the wider Etch ecosystem, and adapting to all working environments, we build teams to deliver at pace.

Talent nurturing

Future-focussed, we work closely with academia and the community to nurture the next generation of digital talent. From our internship programme to local hackathons, we’re at the forefront of the South Coast’s technology scene.

Our values

Our team of teams work seamlessly together, united by a strong set of values that help to foster a healthy, collaborative, productive and incredibly effective thriving working culture.

Responsible Freedom


We strive to discover and evolve ever better systems of working together. We aim to free ourselves and others from unnecessary constraints and adopt working patterns that help people, organisations and the planet prosper.



We do what's best for all, not just the individual. We are respectful and empathise with one another.

aim investment-1


We show a willingness to fail forwards. We have the courage to show vulnerability. We are confident having the difficult conversations in order to get the right outcome for all.



We support change for the better, striving to help our Partners go further faster and empowering our team members to reach their personal goals.