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Delivering a 4,500% return on investment.

THE PIG is part of the Homegrown Hotels Group, a collection of country hotels, which includes Lime Wood Hotel.

Known rather as a restaurant with rooms, everything is driven by the gardener, forager and chef from the kitchen garden.

Etch has been working with THE PIG since 2012, from the launch of its first hotel to opening its 11th this year.

Our key challenge was to boost room and restaurant bookings, during the conventionally quieter months of the year; January and February.

The larger challenge was to gain at least an additional 25% growth in both room occupancy and restaurant lunch covers (mid week only).

We believe a valued customer is a loyal one, and expressing value can be as simple as a thank you.

Our strategy, therefore was to create a campaign called ‘A simple thank you from THE PIG’, to meet the needs of these challenges.

All the marketing campaigns we run are customer-centric, so when promoting this campaign externally, we looked closely at the customer’s complete path to purchase.

We spent time getting to understand the customer's purchase behaviour, whether we were promoting to past or potential customers.

The campaign targeted THE PIG’s main target market and was themed around a series of rewards, in the form of offers, to thank customers for their support during the year.

An important consideration was the timing of the launch of the campaign. The start of our campaign activity was planned to coincide with Black Friday, and run through until the end of February.

Making use of our database of valuable customer data we used a blend of digital marketing channels: paid search marketing, display advertising, paid social advertising and email marketing to place our messaging in front of past and new customers.

A key part of our approach with biddable channels was the use of RLSA’s, display remarketing, custom and lookalike audiences on social.

We can directly attribute £280,000 of combined revenue to our marketing campaign, a 4,500% return on investment!

All marketing was focused on driving guests to make their bookings online, thus reducing the need for additional resources within the central reservations booking team and further improving the overall ROI.

We received 2,766 table covers booked using the promo code that we had set up for the campaign, which is a 27% uplift of the total covers available.

We accomplished 1,623 room nights booked against the room package, which is a 50% uplift of total rooms available.