Modern Wolf are an Indie game publisher established in 2019 by industry veterans Fernando Rizo and Andreas Gschwari, both formerly directors at UK game developer Splash Damage.

Modern Wolf tasked themselves with becoming the Indie games publishing partner "that game developers choose to work with again and again". We were highly enamoured with this proposition and were keen to work with "the Wolves" to help them on this mission.

As a publisher dealing with numerous game properties, Modern Wolf were in the ideal position to make use of our PlayCMS website platform, which allows the creation and management of a whole suite of websites from one easy-to-use CMS, designed specifically for the games industry.

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Etch Play have been working on games websites for many years. During this time, we have learned that whilst every project is different, there are many common issues and opportunities in the world of digital communications for game products and organisations.

This realisation has led to us creating PlayCMS, a content management system designed for games studios, publishers and games-adjacent organisations.

This platform was in very early stages when we engaged with Modern Wolf, but the timing was good for both of us. They were a startup, we had a startup product, and we shared an equal appetite to work together. So, we were delighted to bring the team on as very early adopters and one of the first clients to use our platform.

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Modern Wolf has a strong brand and a rebellious nature, two powerful traits to bring to a web design project. The objective for the site in the early stages was to encourage connections from potential developers that might benefit from Modern Wolf's publishing support. Our focus was on communicating the brand values and mission, whilst encouraging further contact.

A screenshot of Modern Wolf's mission statement: "Our mission as an indie publisher is to be the partner our developers choose to work with again and again"

In a short space of time, the Modern Wolf proposition and positioning proved extremely effective and the publisher was in no short supply of aspiring studios and game projects to support. As such, the focus for the site evolved during development, into a platform for showcasing the supported developers and also, an avenue to aid recruitment to support the rapidly expanding team.

Check out the Modern Wolf website at

Working with Modern Wolf has been a privilege. They have stayed true to their mission and more than delivered on it with their initial line up of studios and games they are publishing. Their early adoption of the PlayCMS platform has been invaluable for our own platform evolution and having a trusting and transparent relationship has helped us develop the platform to benefit all future partners.


Modern Wolf: Stay Hungry

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