Playing games is an experience, but for most players, it doesn't start when they launch Steam or end when they turn off their console.

The extended experience includes every touchpoint your fans have with you. Not just within the game itself, but everywhere else.

That's where we come in. Seamless experiences that span websites, social media, apps and much, much more. This is Etch Play.


Based on our industry-leading knowledge, we craft content-managed websites that sell. Whether it's your studio, your event, or your next big title, our PlayCMS technology is perfectly suited to your needs, and designed with gaming professionals in mind.
All of our websites are extendable, flexible platforms that can house any and every offering you come up with.
Combine that with our thoughtful UX and attractive UI work, and you'll soon wonder how your company ever got by without PlayCMS.
Some of our websites, including PlayCMS
PlayCMS powers some of the world's best games websites

Social media

Successful games and studios don't exist in a vacuum. More conversations about games than ever before are happening on social media, and with our guidance, you can inspire, provoke and encourage fan communities to grow around your brand.
We also offer unrivalled support in social media advertising, putting your latest titles, updates and content drops front and center on all the biggest social networks.
Screenshots of some of our social media ads
Our media strategies are behind some of the biggest brands in games

Companion apps

Great games experiences aren't limited to one screen. Whether it's a companion app that directly integrates with your game, or a standalone product that makes your players feel connected to your lore, apps have the power to take players beyond their usual boundaries.
Whatever we make for you, our focus is on ensuring that every part of the experience shares the unique DNA of your game - that special something that players can latch onto and enjoy. It's the best way we've found to drive serious engagement.
A photograph of a man using an app
Companion apps keep players engaged for longer

The extended experience is best when it's curated to infuse everything with your game's unique DNA.

A freighter from No Man's Sky
Starry night background

Your next big idea

Whatever extended experience you want to deliver, we're the go-to team for your next big idea. Whether it's events, video, merchandise, alternate reality games (ARGs), or something new and entirely unexpected, our consultative approach and industry knowledge can help you bring it to life.

Other services we offer include:

  • Audience insights and market data analysis.
  • Tools and APIs, for delightful game integrations.
  • Launch campaigns, including SEO, paid media and content.
  • Product strategy for ongoing engagement, keeping players invested.
  • And much, much more.

    Get in touch to find out how Etch Play can help you. 
A photograph of devices including a phone
The possibilities are endless

Our mission, is to take the DNA of your gaming experience, and extend it beyond the boundaries we normally associate with playing games. In this way, we can provide a positive feedback loop for the game, brand, or studio — one that that adds value, increases player acquisition, and improves engagement.

You can find examples of our work in our case studies section, and find us discussing it further on our blog.

Supermassive Games Interactive Recruitment Video

A screenshot of the Supermassive Games Interactive Recruitment Video

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