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Sumo Digital

How to accomplish effective presence for a booming suite of studios focused on recruitment


Sumo Digital came to us with an aggressive growth agenda - and extremely demanding recruitment challenges. On a trajectory for success, the group has expanded significantly in recent years - creating a network of games studios across the globe. Simple, right? 😅

We worked closely with Sumo to develop a strategy that would support an expansive portfolio of studios. For each business unit, we carefully planned content, put together marketing campaigns, and built websites on our platform to effectively communicate their business proposition and maximise recruitment potential.

As part of this modern take on the game, Etch Play collaborated with the development team, to deliver a web-based companion app, allowing VR players to play with friends on mobile devices.

The process

We love to get know our clients, so we always start with an orientation workshop. As well as being a great excuse to make new friends, it allowed us to engage all the relevant stakeholders, review the journey so far, and formalise the goals for each studio. Together, we answered the question: Where do you want to go?

Our team of comms and design experts took these goals and turned them into a plan - one that encompasses all of the studios and their desired direction. At the centre of it all is PlayCMS, our content management system designed for games publishers and studios. Any CMS gives you tools, and gets you some of the way towards your goals, but because PlayCMS is the only system designed specifically for games, it gets you further.

With PlayCMS, we developed a solution for Sumo that houses dozens of websites under one roof, while maintaining a unique look, feel, and content for each one. It can handle the shape of any business, and it's optimised for growth. Common features like integrated job applications can be used on any site in the stable, but each studio is empowered to build the pages and style that work for them using our flexible tools. It's like being able to hit File > New Website - et voilà!

Paid Media

In addition to the flourishing bevvy of websites now at their fingertips, part of our work with Sumo has been to deliver thoughtful, fruitful paid media campaigns to drive awareness about the business. One of the key challenges for any growing games business is recruitment. Together with Sumo we have achieved a clear and measurable improvement in both the volume and quality of applications.

"We've formed a great relationship with the team at Etch Play."

"Their expertise is evident across all the Sumo Digital websites. They offer an extension to our in-house capacity and capabilities, whilst also offering a useful outside perspective — drawing on their impressive experience in the games industry."

"We’re still on our journey of creating outstanding digital credentials and working with Etch Play as our digital partner will help us realize our long-term marketing goals."

Christina Haralambous
Group Director of Communications & Marketing
Sumo Group

Support for growth

At Etch Play, we help games businesses to strategise and grow - whether they're already well established or at the start of a new journey. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch.