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Site rebuild provides a 220% increase in online bookings.

These venues undertook a major review of their ticketing technology following the increase in customer issues booking online.

The venues (The Point and The Berry Theatre) wanted to move box office systems to Spektrix, and simultaneously launch a new website that seamlessly integrated into this.

This major change was driven by a need for an improved customer experience and increased capability for analysing and tracking marketing activity and customer behaviour.

Etch had to build a CMS platform to manage multiple sites and integrate the Spektrix box office platform onto these websites.

Planning was of utmost importance on this project, with a complex and weighty API integration ahead of us, most of the thinking and development would be around how the CMS interacted with this piece of software and then displayed it on the website.

Parallel to this there was of course the ‘brochureware’ site that sat around the booking process, and it was essential this also drove potential customers through from a simple show overview though to a smooth path to purchase.

Since the launch of the new website and ticketing system, The Point's database has grown by over 12,000 new customers.

This shift in technology has allowed the theatre to move a greater proportion of its ticket buying audience to online.

The percentage of audiences buying online (versus face-to-face and by phone) was 20% prior to the new site, rising to 36% a year after launch, up to 41% in year two and moving to 43% by year three.

Prior to new website and booking integration the venues were dealing with a number of customer complaints each week about online booking difficulties. This has dropped to just five recorded complaints since launch, an astounding decrease.

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The results were immediate with online bookings increasing and continuing to do so. We were delighted with the work that Etch did to create a new website that delivered an improved customer journey and booking experience.

— Eleanor Russell, Communications, Engagement and Marketing Specialist