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Redesigning the customer journey, for THE PIG, to grow online revenue.

By creating a seamless online purchase experience.

THE PIG is part of the Homegrown Hotels Group, a collection of country hotels, which includes Lime Wood Hotel.

Our key challenge was to help The PIG attract and engage new customers, and convert them into loyal patrons. Primarily, they wanted to make their online booking system better suited to customers’ needs, and thereby remove the need to work with OTA’s (online travel agents).

We began by analysing their customer’s online journey, specifically the path to purchase. This gave us the information we needed to map out a new online strategy,
one that placed the customer at the heart of every decision we made. A key part of our strategy was ensuring that the right messaging, through display advertising, email, social media, search and referral traffic, was communicated to potential and existing customers throughout the path to

The challenge we had with The PIG Hotel was to unify three different systems, for multiple hotel locations, responsible for managing the following: room bookings, restaurant and table bookings and spa bookings.

To solve this problem, we worked with Oracle, using their Opera Reservation System (ORS), Quadranets table-booking system and Concept for their spa bookings to create a
seamless, customised booking system that would be responsible for handling all hotel locations.

The major benefit of working with Opera, Quadranet and Concept was that we had direct access to their API (application programming interface), and, as a result, we had full control over the entire experience The PIG Hotel customers had when making a

250% Growth in online revenue

As a direct result of the project, particularly the new booking system, The PIG saw a 250% growth in online revenues over a two-year period.

Additionally, over the last 4 years, their eCommerce conversion rate grew from 0.50% to 3.00% as we continue to optimise the various campaigns we manage and the booking journey.