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Lime Wood

Taking integrations to the next level, with Trybe

Lime Wood is a boutique 5-star country house hotel & spa, set in the stunning New Forest. It provides a more laid-back alternative to the traditional country hotel experience, and offers secluded stays surrounded by ancient woodlands.  

We’ve worked with Lime Wood for many years, and have formerly developed a completely integrated online experience – a best-in-class hospitality booking system that enables guests to book rooms, spa treatments, cookery courses, and dining reservations, in one seamless experience that pulls together the functionality from several booking engines.  

To stay ahead of the competition, we’re constantly looking for ways to make this hospitality booking system even better.

And with this project, the challenge was to build on the spa booking experience – integrating it more closely with the other booking journeys and offering a more consistent experience for customers. 

We worked closely with Lime Wood’s in-house team to review several new spa booking partners. Through that research and exploration, we arrived at Trybe, a platform capable of providing clear and reliable functionality to Lime Wood, in terms of managing therapists and booked treatments, and a system that could also provide us with a rich API.

When it comes to integrations, the API is critically important, and Trybe’s API not only allowed us to replace existing functionality like-for-like, it forms the foundations of a system which is fit for the future, giving us scope to continue working on improvements.  

Having worked with Lime Wood (and many other similar businesses) for so long, we operate at the highest level – our multi-faceted booking systems and hospitality integrations far exceed the effectiveness of basic embedded widgets, pulling together multiple complex systems into one cohesive and effective process. Our approach allows us to use first-class systems for each individual offering of a hospitality business, with no compromise.  

While switching our spa treatments system on Lime Wood to Trybe, we used the enhanced functionality of their API to focus on cross-selling – to offer packages of services that combine spa treatments with overnight stays and restaurant bookings. 

Trybe offer modern software for the health and wellbeing industry, with a focus on Spa Complexes, Medispas, Clinics, and Boutiques. It's built for the industry, by the industry. And here at Etch, whatever your hospitality business, we integrate with the best solutions to help your business grow.

At the first relaunch of the booking system, we deployed a new and improved booking journey that used Trybe as a direct replacement for the previous spa booking provider, with no other significant changes for customers. This process was invisible to most, although behind the scenes, our staff and Lime Wood’s team were both able to enjoy Trybe’s enhanced functionality.  

A few weeks later, demonstrating the ease and speed of the upgraded functionality, we released our first major enhancement – the ability for Lime Wood to sell a combined “Room, Dine & Spa” package, completely online.

The new offering was a hit, providing a 7.5% return on advertising spend in the launch window.  

Demonstrating our commitment to continuously improving and evolving, our User Experience specialists have also worked through and launched a second phase of enhancements to the spa booking journey, making spa treatment add-ons and packages more attractive and easier to book, which is only possible thanks to the flexibility that a system like Trybe offers.  

And we’re just getting started. When it comes to online booking journeys, we’re always working towards better experiences, better offerings, and returning a better average spend per stay. Lime Wood offers relaxing spa treatments, inspired by its forest surroundings. Thanks to our integration with Trybe, Lime Wood are the ones who can relax. We’ve got it covered.  

Everything we do for our clients is about encouraging growth. Integrating Trybe with Lime Wood was an opportunity for us to build upon our exceptional booking engine experience, and take Lime Wood to the next level. The results really speak for themselves.

— Caroline Hart, Senior Growth Manager, Etch