Why Orchard Core?

Orchard Core is one of Etch's favoured CMS platforms, built with ASP.NET Core. It's feature rich and entirely modular, allowing us to slot powerful features together to create a website that caters precisely to your needs. 

That means whether you're looking for a site that boasts multi-tenancy, localisation, security, personalisation, SEO, accessibility, or a mix of everything and more, Orchard Core can be the foundation that makes it all possible.

Let's take a look at what Orchard Core can do for you, and how Etch can help. 

Multi-tenancy, and multi-lingual

A key part of Orchard Core's approach is what's known as multi-tenancy - the ability to run multiple websites from one code platform. So if you require a stable of many businesses, each deserving of an online presence with it's own look and feel, multi-tenancy can make spinning up new sites far more cost-effective. 

In addition, Orchard Core allows for complete localisation - so your websites can reflect the culture and language of your visitors. 

Both these features, and many more, come at no additional cost when you use Orchard Core. And Etch are the experts when it comes to building upon these systems.

Here to help

Our team have seen it all when it comes to Orchard Core. So whether you've got a new project on the horizon, an old one that you need help taking care of, or anything in between, we can help. 

We can consult on, and inherit, any existing Orchard Core website, and we can help with upgrades from Orchard 1 to the new and improved Orchard Core platform. 

When it comes to hosting, we've launched and supported Orchard Core sites on Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and dedicated hosting. So wherever you are right now, we can work with you and move your business forwards.

Open for business

Orchard Core is open source, and when it comes to Orchard Core development, so are we. 

Open source software is the underappreciated backbone of the programming industry, and refers to publicly available programming code, that developers like us can incorporate in our projects.

The benefits of open source projects are really significant. Obviously, they save people time, by being able to implement functionality someone else has already figured out. But beyond that, the quality of open source software tends to be high because the source code is viewed, used, and maintained by a wider variety of people. When software is developed openly, all sorts of people can contribute improvements, and suggestions, and maintenance work.

This fundamental principle of openness and collaboration leads to cleaner code, better security, and flexible features. 

At Etch, our main contribution back to the Orchard community is a suite of modules known as PlayCMS. It's all the features you could possibly need to build a rich, flexible website, and it was designed with gaming and entertainment businesses in mind - but you can use it for anything! 



Sonic the Hedgehog driving a car. What, you were expecting something else?

Unprecedented Integrations

We have a proven track record of integrating other systems into Orchard Core websites. 

Lately, we've integrated CRMs like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Zoho and Eventbrite. And job platforms, such as Greenhouse, Lever, Workable, TeamTailor, Jobvite and People HR.

The only limit to what we can integrate is your (and our!) imagination. If it has an API, we can make it work. And whatever we integrate, we can advise on the strategy around integrating it too. 

All of our integrations produce huge amounts of data, which we can help you store, analyse and build upon. Plus, we'll help you navigate the minefield of GDPR and other data protection laws, using our expertise in systems like CIVIC Cookie Control, Orchard Core's powerful Workflow tools, and Google Tag Manager. 

Here's just a taste of what we've made with Orchard Core...


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